Wireless Economics


Wireless Economics help organisations with new ways of working by updating and creating people friendly digital workplaces.

Although we last met them in early 2020, this week I met with founder, Kevin to get the latest.  


Distinctive approach

“When we last spoke we’d just supported two local gals through the digital marketing apprenticeship. They both did exceptionally well. Each qualified with a distinction and followed their own unique path. At that time we helped businesses with marketing using the latest digital technologies. Working with a range of companies marketing all sorts, from online veterinary products to multi-million pound engineering contracts.”


New ways of working

“When the pandemic hit, we simply switched to remote working. We also helped other organisations manage this change. Our team were kept really busy training clients on tools that enabled them to continue trading. This included video calling, secure document sharing and upgrading websites to include chatbots, online sales options and a general increase in digital communications.”


Glad to help

“Organisations started asking for help with digital needs across the wider organisation, not just within the marketing and sales teams. Our background is originally in mobile technology. We have a deep understanding of how technology works and how to create digital working environments. Specifically, we are used to helping people overcome fears and adopt new ways of working. Therefore many of our clients refer us in to help others.”


Solving organisational challenges

“The common types of conundrum we help organisations to overcome —

  • We’re all spreadsheets and paper files, how can we get started digitally?
  • We’ve already got a platform, but we’re not sure how to use it properly — should we switch?
  • We’ve got six different digital tools, but our teams are working in silos — how can we connect everybody?

Often a significant financial investment has already been made in current systems. Just removing the old and replacing with new isn’t always an option. That’s why we look at how an organisation is structured, what the vision for 3 years hence is, who plays key roles now and budget, among other things. Then we try and offer ‘good – better – best’ options for the client to evaluate.”


Giving back with ‘Purpose Hour’

“Not-for-profit (NFP) organisations have been hit very heavily in recent years. Many still rely on ‘boots on the ground’ to create revenue and often lack the necessary, technical experience in-house to react quickly to change. In reality, some have struggled to survive in the remote working era. To help, we created our ’Purpose Hour’ offer. Involving a structured video call with 2 of our team and the client’s key people to address their challenges. Completely free of charge, this session allows us to suggest a starting point from which to make change. We recently saved one NFP client £15,000 in supplier fees from just one ‘Purpose Hour’.”


Subject matter experts

“We’ve adapted to new ways of working ourselves. Our team now only consists of very experienced, subject matter experts who are called on only when our clients need them. We deliver a blend of face-to-face and virtual support depending on what the client is comfortable with. We’re completely independent, do not have a product to ‘sell’ but we have team members who are experts in different platforms. This allows us to deliver the best value.”


The place to be

“Although we spend a large amount of time working remotely, we’d never give up our offices on the Terry Dicken Business Park. We love the really friendly environment where you can find help in so many different areas. We’ve been customers of Rooms, Just for Dogs and North Yorkshire Physiotherapy and over a dozen others! We’ve worked with HFC, Terry Dicken Windows and Big D’s BBQ. People are so willing to help you out. DNA Bathrooms, and Westbrook Cycles have also offered great advice.

Start your digital change

If your organisation needs help with new ways of working, contact Kevin or Vicki at Wireless Economics and ask about booking a ‘Purpose Hour’ session on 01642 939181 or purposehour@wirelesseconomics.com

Or visit their website

Wireless Economics can be found at Offices 19 & 20, 2 Roseberry Court. Ellerbeck Way, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley, TS9 5QT


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