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Just for Dogs


Just for Dogs provide professional dog grooming and doggy daycare.

Ready to hear all about their expansion from owner, Becky? Brilliant, let’s go…


Where we left off

“Back in 2019 we had 4 staff and offered 3 key services, grooming, doggy daycare and hydrotherapy. Covid-19 arrived and with it the first lockdown and we had to close. We were slowly getting back up and running when the second lockdown happened but by then we were able to keep some services running with a skeleton staff.”


Hair-raising times

Remember those days of no hairdressers, where people started looking like Cousin Itt? Well, it was worse for some pooches…

“For some breeds (like the poodle) grooming is essential to their wellbeing. It prevents the hair from matting which can be painful and restrictive. So alongside opening up our day care service for key workers, we were also able to offer limited grooming services.”


Only daycare in town

“We are proud to be the only licensed doggy daycare in Hambleton. We average around 15-20 dogs per day. Most are regulars which means we can easily split the dogs up into friendship groups. Regulations state that each team needs to be led by a qualified member of staff and we have three who do just that. We have both indoor and outdoor spaces for the dogs to play in and a Fairy Dog Mother whose job is to literally mother all the dogs!”


Room for more

“Once we fully re-opened we made the sad decision to no longer offer the hydrotherapy service. Rising costs and uncertainty in the economy made it unfeasible to continue. The boom in puppy ownership during lockdown also meant we’d be turning customers away if we didn’t do something radical. Removing the pool allowed us to extend our daycare facilities and our capacity doubled overnight. This meant we were able to keep all of our staff AND accommodate the puppies of Stokesley.”


Cuteness alert!!

Puppies, puppies, puppies

“We have so much more indoor and outdoor doggy daycare space now. Not only are we looking after our regulars but we’re now helping puppies learn to socialise. We are able to nip bad habits in the bud. The other dogs also play a role in teaching the puppies how to interact. Puppies can be really enthusiastic and the older dogs are teaching them i.e. don’t jump up and lick faces all over at your first meeting! Our team offer lots of positive reinforcement. Adorably, most of the puppies tend to be at the same age when they come in – around 6 months. So they are all growing up together. We see all shapes and sizes, learning each others. So many different personalities all learning and growing together.” ?


Northallerton, here we come!

Hands up who wants a job at Just for Dogs now? ??‍♀️ Well, watch this space as Becky introduces a new doggy daycare facility.

“We realised that it wouldn’t be long before we’re full to the brim again. Many of our current clients work in Northallerton so we are opening a new facility there. It’s the same offer in a bigger space on Mile House business park on Darlington Road. Like our spot here on the park, it’s right next to the vets and we’ll provide the same great service at an affordable rate. The Northallerton branch opens on 25th February.”


Up and coming business park

With all this good news, I closed the interview asking Becky if she would recommend the Terry Dicken Business Park to other organisations.

“I’d absolutely recommend the Terry Dicken Business Park! It’s an up and coming park which is constantly changing. Dave is brilliant, always around when you need him and and Mark and Sue cannot do enough to help you. They are just so accommodating. They understand the challenges of running a business and can’t help you enough. There is a real community feel here and that makes you in return want to do business with your neighbours. We regularly use First Steps Day Care, Direct Business Supplies, Platinum Motors, HFC, Pearsons and Clevedale Vets.”


So if your pooch needs a pampering, Just for Dogs Stokesley can be found at Unit 10 Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley, TS9 5JZ or on 07879 281215.

Find out more about Northallerton’s new doggy daycare on 07359 005426

Or visit their website

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