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Sniff & Found


Sniff & Found is a free, all-in-one lost pet app & social network for global pet lovers. Search, share, connect & reunite — no additional equipment, tags on the animal, or purchases necessary! Sniff & Found’s prime objective: To find lost pets.


I met with the UK team involved in bringing this valuable new tool to life. Let’s hear all about it from Vicki.


Let’s not lose any more pets

“The Sniff & Found team is a small group of pet lovers who volunteer their time for free. Norman lives in New York and the idea for Sniff & Found was his. Muhammed, the developer is based in Nigeria. The app user experience and interface design work comes from Saher in India. Marketing and community development is led from Stokesley by Kevin and myself.”


A unique lost pet app

“It all started when Norman’s daughter returned from Central Park, upset after spotting a lost dog. After being unable to catch the missing pet, she became frustrated at the lack of any sort of co-ordinated technology to help her notify the local community. Being an engineer and a pet owner himself, Norman started to work on the blueprint for an app that could assist people searching for a missing pet. Using his extensive background in location technology – Sniff & Found –  the unique lost pet app was born.”


So how does it work?


Find missing pets

“The key is to find a pet soon after they are lost, before they wander too far or get injured. Whether you’re at home or miles away, with Sniff & Found you can rally a local search team loaded with information and location support to help find your pet quickly. As soon as you declare your pet missing, those around you are instantly notified. You can start a search and your local community are invited to join. Once a search is underway, all members are visible on an interactive map and you’re connected via a group chat feature. Allowing you to cover more ground, more accurately. When the pet is found, it only takes a few clicks in the app to ensure that everyone is instantly notified. No more out-of-date social posts being shared weeks later!”


Pet lovers welcome

“The beauty of the app is you don’t need to be a pet owner to join in! In fact, our research showed us that as many non-pet owners as people with pets would want to help re-unite missing pets with their families. So as well as declaring your own four legged friend lost, you can also report a sighted pet, share a found pet, search for found animals, and initiate an interactive search inviting others to join. The power of our network ensures that help is just a few taps away.”


Sounds great but what are the costs involved?


Free forever

“Our mission is to make pet safety accessible to everyone. Therefore, Sniff & Found is committed to reuniting pets and their families without any cost. Our team has funded the last 2 years of app development and we want people to enjoy the app for free. New to the app store, it’s free to download and there are no in-app purchases. There is no need for any additional equipment or tags needed on the animal. That said, if a lost pet is wearing a tag, using Sniff & Found to help search for them will maximise its chances of being found. Especially in the event of the tag’s battery loss or in-accurate location reporting.”


Global pet-lover’s community

“We want people to use Sniff & Found even when their pet is safe at home! So we created a community feature for animal lovers worldwide. You can share your cute pet content, discover like-minded pet owners, and communicate seamlessly in its user-friendly environment. More features and capabilities will follow but for now we need to spread the word that the app is available, for free, today. The more users we have, the more missing pets we can bring home.”


So how can the tenants of the Terry Dicken Business Park help?


Help spread the word

“We love being a tenant here. Aside from the super supportive landlords, the park is so friendly. If you ask, and they are able to, people are usually very willing to help you out. There are a number of great pet related business here such as Just for Dogs, Hunters Raw, and Clevedale Vets. We’re hoping that they’ll help us spread the word or even pop up a poster in their premises. Like us, many tenants have pets and some also bring their dogs to work. Hopefully together we can create the first active Sniff & Found UK community right here on the Terry Dicken Business Park!”


On the App Store now!

Sniff & Found is more than an app; it’s a lifeline for pet owners. Be one of the first to join the community today and experience the power of togetherness when it matters most.

Download Sniff & Found for free now on the App Store or Google Play

Got questions? Drop the Sniff & Found team an email or visit their website

Sniff & Found’s UK team can be found at 2 Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park, Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley, TS9 5QT

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