Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Terry Dicken Home Improvements


Terry Dicken is Cleveland’s longest established home improvements company offering windows, fitted kitchens, conservatories, bedrooms, doors, garage doors and more!

It’s no doubt that 2020 (the year no-one expected) has impacted our relationships with our homes. Let’s face it, you spend any amount of time in one place and you are going to want to make improvements.

So with that in mind, let me introduce you to someone who can help you do just that. Meet Tim Collins, Kitchen & Bedroom Manager at Terry Dicken Home Improvements. Tim’s a new/old face to the park, but I’ll let him explain that one.


Longest lunch break known to man

“I’m so pleased to be back at Terry Dicken. I ran the kitchen department in Stokesley for over 10 years which I really enjoyed. I left in 2011 to move into appliance sales and gain more industry experience. For the last few years I have been working at a kitchen retailer but was getting frustrated with not being able to offer what I believe should be a gold standard of service. I was over the moon to hear that there was an opportunity to come back and be part of the team in Stokesley. It’s so good to be back, my colleagues have been saying it’s as if I just stepped out for a long lunch!”


Adding value

“Terry Dicken are well known for fitting good quality windows. But not everyone is aware that we also do fitted kitchens. I’m back to change that. The pandemic has meant that many people are looking at ways to improve their property or to add value. It’s possible that adding a brand new fitted kitchen could increase the value of your home by 6-10%. So it’s vital to work with a company that understands every aspect of the kitchen creation process.”


Experience counts

“I’ve over 30 years experience in the kitchen industry. I started as an apprentice kitchen maker then moved to the factory. I progressed to foreman where I managed all of the staff and the warehouse. From there, I joined Terry Dicken and took responsibility for the kitchen department overseeing the design and sales process. The later experience in appliance sales and managing kitchen sales for other retailers, means that I am in such a good position to advise my customers. Some of whom are returning after years for their next fitted kitchen or kitchen facelift.”


High standard of service

“The ideal Terry Dicken customer is one that is looking for good quality and high standard of service. There’s a place for buying the cheapest range and getting it fitted with no aftercare but you won’t find that here! I’ve seen so many people buy an off the shelf, flat pack kitchen & have it fitted without any level of service only to be met with utter disappointment when things don’t fit correctly or start to fall apart after a short time.”


The Terry Dicken difference

“We offer the the full package and hold your hand through the whole process. That means when you receive a quote from us it might not initially seem as competitive as others but we leave no stone unturned. We include having the appliances fitted and the electric work completed. The person you meet at the point of buying the kitchen is the same person who delivers the aftercare – me ! ? So no false sales promises can ever be made here.”


New showroom, new tech

“We’ve invested in the latest kitchen design technology – ArtiCAD – so you can see your kitchen design come to life in our showroom. Not so keen on the finish? Not a problem, we can change that at the push of a button, putting you in control of choosing the design that works best for you. We’re also investing in our showroom with a revamp coming very soon.”


Exciting times ahead! It’s clear that Tim is enjoying being back at Terry Dicken, his enthusiasm is infectious. To close, I asked him what it was like being back on the business park.


Everything you need right here

“I love being back on the park. There are so many companies here you can get almost anything you need! It’s also interesting seeing old acquaintances around the place. I collected my new business cards from Direct Business Supplies and caught up with Jonathan, then bumped into Richard from Woodrose Shepherd Huts on the way back to the showroom. The banter with my old customers from over 15 years ago hasn’t changed either . It really is great to be back!”


So if your kitchen needs a facelift, or you’d like help to create a brand new heart for your home then Terry Dicken Home Improvements can be found at Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Station Road, Stokesley, TS9 7AE

Or get some inspiration by browsing the range of fitted kitchens on the Terry Dicken Home Improvements website.

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