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North Yorkshire Physiotherapy


North Yorkshire Physiotherapy (NYP) are an independent physiotherapy practice treating all muscle and joint pain, neurological, women’s health and mobility problems from their clinic on the Terry Dicken Business Park.

We first talked to Kate in early 2019. Being a tenant for 6 years already, she had lots to share. As 2020 has thrown us all big challenges, we decided it was time for an update on all things NYP.

Here’s what Kate had to say;


Virtual first

“Like most businesses, we had to adapt our services during the first lockdown. Following guidance from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy we were able to continue treating clients needing essential physiotherapy face to face and those with non-essential needs virtually. A blend of telephone and video sessions meant we could keep delivering our services.”


Beyond lockdown

“We saw issues with people altering their usual exercise routine due to leisure and sports facilities closing and then some injuries with their over-enthusiasm when these sports and activities were allowed to re-start.

Since then we are seeing lots of common ailments occurring. These include posture issues for people working from home and some of our older clients are suffering from more aches and pains due to the reduction in movement. 

To manage all of this safely we have adapted our assessment process. All enquiries for an appointment will be triaged by a physiotherapist to deem the best method for managing the condition. If face to face is necessary, all risks and precautions will be explained and a clinic appointment can be offered where full PPE is in use.”


Cyclists this way please…

“We have expanded our clinic and introduced 2 new treatment rooms. This has allowed us to develop a new posture assessment for cyclists. The process takes an hour and a half and you bring your bike into the clinic. We set it up on our platform and using a camera and software measure your biometrics. This looks at your position on the bike but also takes into consideration the amount of flexibility your body has. From there we can suggest the best position for you to ride in.”


Guru….coming soon

The new cyclist assessment has been so popular that a waiting list had to be set up. The high demand has led to further development.

“We’re now investing in an exciting new technology to enhance this service. Not only will you be able to set a position that helps you set your personal best, you’ll be able to do it with no painful after effects as you’ll be in the optimum position for your body” 

Watch this space for news on this.


Recovery from Covid-19

Across the world Physiotherapists are playing a very important role in helping patients recover from Covid-19 and the team at NYP are no different. 

Kate explained;

“Unfortunately we are seeing people suffering with complications from ‘long covid’ (this term refers to symptoms that continue for longer than the WHO-endorsed 2 week period).  These include fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle weakness and coughing. We can help clients manage these symptoms using respiratory physiotherapy.

It’s reassuring to know that experts like Kate and the team are on hand in our area to support people in need.


As always, to conclude our chat, I asked Kate what she would recommend about the Terry Dicken Business Park.

She said…

“The friendliness of the landlords, Mark and Sue. They are so helpful and adaptable which makes the choice of premises really good. The accessibility and parking is a real bonus too.”

I’m sure we’ve heard that somewhere before 🙂


For all your muscle and mobility problems, North Yorkshire Physiotherapy can be found at: 

Office 4, Unit 14 Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley TS9 5QT


Or you can read their previous article here

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