Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Westbrook Cycles – one of the UK’s best suppliers of all things cycling


Here’s one for you. Why can’t bikes stand on their own? Because they’re two tired! B’dm chh. (That was me on the drums if you didn’t catch that from the collection of random letters). 

For this feature, my Tour De Terry Dicken Business Park took me to some old but new faces.  This feature will be welcoming… Westbrook Cycles.


New and improved

Originally occupying a warehouse, they have now expanded, moving the entire business to the Terry Dicken Business Park, even building a slick new shop front that may have caught your eye when driving by. Nice huh?


Need a part? Want to look the part? They’ve got you covered.

Westbrook Cycles has been around in Stokesley for over 30 years, supplying different products and services to customers near and far. They build and service bikes as well as selling everything from bikes to the accessories needed to look the part whilst hitting those country lanes and cycle paths. Flows in nicely with my next joke. What’s the difference between a poorly dressed man and a tricycle? … Attire. B’dm chh!

The business has 11 employees, all bike fanatics who love working at Westbrook Cycles. “It’s something different everyday, no two days are alike, it’s easy and you get to meet nice customers”


Bigger Space, Safer Customers

The COVID pandemic was a large part of the ignition to light the spark that moved the whole business to the park. With the health and safety of their customers in mind, they wanted a bigger space that would allow for the invitation of their customers into the shop, as well as enough room for staff to work in safely. Catering to precautions of COVID was front of mind as the safety of their customers is a high priority. 


Win.Win.Win and win!

Having already been accustomed to the business park life, their decision to move was aided by the easy parking, the nice neighbours and the great location and facilities. 

No matter how or where you cycle, the team at Westbrook Cycles have you covered with the right products at the right price, supplied with the right advice and information.

The fantastic new shop is open to the public from Monday 7th September. Why not pop in?

You’ll find them at Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, 9 Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley TS9 5JZ


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