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Rooms Of Stokesley


Management Service by day, helping locals by night


Did you know you had superheroes on your doorstep? It’s true what they say, that not all heroes wear capes. But in this instance, they come draped in silk, satin and lace.

In light of recent events, Rooms of Stokesley are still up and running, open for business and going the extra mile. Literally. Whilst their day to day consists of selling high quality bedding, dry cleaning and laundering, to housekeeping and holiday cottage change over management, and everything in between, the team are going that bit further and shopping for customers who struggle to, or can’t get out.

If that’s not excellent customer service, I’m not sure what is.


Wonder Woman herself


Jane started up Rooms of Stokesley 23 years ago following a career in retail management. Despite the challenges single parenthood threw her way, Jane began her new adventure. Rooms, is an acronym for: Rely On Our Management Services. And that you can.

After initially starting the business to look after executives in their own homes, it soon developed to laundry requests, having done it for her family. This was the catalyst for finding a unit on the Terry Dicken Business Park to venture down the route of laundry, and thus began Rooms.


More than meets the eye


“I thought I could do laundry because I did it for my family, but I soon realised there was more to it than I thought. I contacted The Queens Commercial Launder asking for help, and they said “Yes, of course!”

There’s a perception that it’s easy and it’s not. I have a background in fashion design so I understand construction in the item, I have a lot of skills in how materials work and how they don’t work.”

Rooms boasts a great team of loyal staff, 8 employees strong, something Jane says is a real perk of the job, alongside being out on the road and meeting customers and getting to know them, and acquiring new skills and knowledge when getting new items that they’ve not looked after before and learning how to process them.


Being part of the family


Rooms is one of the Business Parks longest serving tenants, and Jane certainly isn’t short of reasons why:

“I was first attracted to the Terry Dicken Business Park because of the customer base, I knew the area and knew it was the right kind of customers, and that the right customers would be coming.

I feel like we’re part of the family, we get on really well with all of the other businesses on the park, and everyone helps each other out, recommending each other to their customers. Mark and Sue are there if we need something, and I know they will be there. There’s no politics, we’re just left to get on with our business.”

Community, atmosphere and safety


“Mark and Sue put a lot of effort into the business community here and even host events such as an open day where people can come and see what’s going on on the park, network with the other tenants and share tips. That’s always nice”

“There’s a nice kind of atmosphere and there’s a feeling of safety, I feel safe working on a night which is important.”

Should you need anything from highly recommended beddings, to laundry services, or you just want an autograph from your local heroes, Rooms can be found at Unit 3, Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley or head to https://www.facebook.com/roomsofstokesley/


Beth Halliday, editor at large

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