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Wireless Economics


Let’s just clarify the name first… I know you’re sat there a little puzzled. Wireless Economics is also known as WE (just a short abbreviation) because no one has time to type that every day- fair enough!

So, Wireless Economics (WE) is a people-led marketing house. This means we go with what people need, not what any technology does, across a broad range such as introducing & implementing marketing systems right through to providing leadership for big transformation projects.

I met with the owners (my bosses)! Vicki Robson and Kevin Lawless to find out more about Wireless Economics.



Local Talent

“Our move up North was driven by the opportunity of the talent here, to help us grow. Okay, and it is a beautiful place to live! Once established on the Terry Dicken Business Park we appointed our very first apprentice Sally Atkinson.”

– Hi, Sally again. So I guess this is the bit where I should point out that I also work for WE! So writing this Feature Friday has been a bit tricky. I mean, we all should be comfortable blowing our own trumpet, but come on, we’re British, it’s not always that easy. Anyways, back to the story…

“Sally joined us in 2017 as a digital marketing apprentice. A local girl with lots of enthusiasm and keen as mustard to learn. We’ve had some interesting conversations about the North/South differences (notably the bread cake, bread roll, bread bun debate). We enjoyed that so much that we appointed our second apprentice Beth Halliday in 2019. Competitive, bright and football mad, Beth brought a whole new dynamic to the company and her skillset truly complements Sallys. With this winning recipe, we hope to continue our growth and aim to recruit more local talent”.



Eclectic Bunch

“I think what makes us stand out is the fact we’re an ‘eclectic bunch’ we like to have fun but we also work hard. It’s nice that we have different generations in our team. The apprentices bring a new understanding of how people use technology. This adds value to the businesses we work for. We’re also proud that our customers use words like ‘trusted, deliver, reliable” in their feedback”.



Genuinely wanting to help

“Originally based in and around London since 2002, we decided to move everything to the North East in 2016. We did things right and looked across the whole region for a location. Choosing the Terry Dicken Business Park was easy. The flexibility available, like bigger spaces when your business was ready and how convenient Stokesley is for everything. The icing on the cake is Mark and Sue who manage the park. They constantly lookout for new opportunities and, when appropriate, they will always recommend their tenants.




“We’re growing and have a diverse range of local clients. We enjoy seeing their businesses change and grow in the ways they wanted. Demand from small to medium size companies has allowed us to develop a fully managed ‘digital marketing’ service at a fixed discounted price. It’s a good example of how this region is overtaking others in terms of digital progression”.




“We were referred to work with a large national charity after their first attempt at digital transformation failed to take off. We picked up the project and helped the organisation and most importantly ‘its people’ identify what they needed and then adapt to new ways of working. We enjoyed the work and found working in the Not-for-Profit sector refreshing so we have created a new proposition”.



Everybody needs good neighbours

“We do try to live the “buy local” dream and where possible we’ll partner with businesses on the Terry Dicken Business Park”.



If you feel that digital marketing is full of jargon and you’d like to find a way to help your business grow or if you would like to join the jam first/ cream first cream tea debate then you can find WE at;




Offices 20/21, 2 Roseberry Court Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley, TS9 5QT

Sally Atkinson, Editor at large 

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