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Feature Friday Rewind: Stokesley Pine Stripping 


Stokesley Pine Stripping are a paint and varnish stripping specialist for furniture and door restoration. Using specialist paints to refurbish doors, furniture, kitchens & uPVC. 

Yes, even uPVC! Ever been walking your dog and suddenly notice your neighbours house looks completely different. How did they manage to replace all of the windows seemingly overnight? That might just be Ian working his magic. Let’s find out more.


Begin again


“When I left school I worked in Middlesbrough spraying cars. Following that I went to college. At that time, a serious accident meant I had to stop work. Fearing that I wouldn’t ever work again, I needed to find something suitable to occupy my time. Coincidently, this business came up for sale. It was meant to be. I started with simple paint stripping which was more of a pastime really. Fast forward 17 years and the business has really grown.”


Splash of colour


“Now, alongside furniture and door restoration we also do uPVC respraying. This is done onsite, at the customers home. In addition, for our trade customers, we change the colour of doors or windows before they are actually fitted. uPVC spraying is really popular right now. Adding a splash of colour to your window frames can make your property more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, it can help them last for a further 10 years!”


When we first met Ian it was Nov 2019.  Just 4 months later we went into lockdown. 


In demand


“Thankfully, during lockdown I continued working in the workshop. In fact, I was busier than ever. When people were stuck at home unable to go on holiday, many focussed on improving their homes. Demand increased and it’s never really calmed down since! I now also get regular work from a number of professional home renovators.”


 ??Hands up if you remember Changing Rooms with Carole Smillie ??‍♀️


En vogue


“Often TV drives demand for the work I do. There are many popular TV shows now that feature DIY projects or restoration.  Subsequently, I can get very busy. It doesn’t even have to be DIY related. For example, recently Emmerdale had a storyline featuring reclaimed doors and the next day I was inundated with enquiries!”


Big fan of Money for Nothing? Ian reminds us that renovation is a skill and it’s not always as easy as it looks.


Re-creating value


“Only certain paints can be used in dip stripping, like oil based paints. Oaks and laminates cannot be dip stripped due to the tannin as the wood will warp. Oak will also darken if dip stripped. Additionally, lacquers and chalk paints will not be removed by the caustic soda used in the dip stripping process. There’s a lot to it. Commonly, people buy things from e-bay at a really low cost. When I quote for the work required to restore said items, it can be a shock. It’s all about seeing the value at the end of the process.”


Rewarding work


“I really enjoy the variety. One week I could be working on doors, the next I’m remodelling furniture. There’s a great feeling of satisfaction when the customer sees the completed job. Especially when the client sends over a photo of the item in-situ. I often colour match paint used in the redecoration of a room. So when the restored item is in place and looks like new, it’s very rewarding.”


So does Ian have an ideal customer?


Pay it forward


“My ideal customer is decisive, has a definitive colour in mind and is a good payer ?.

If I’ve already part sprayed or ordered the paint, last minute changes can cause problems. So someone that doesn’t change their mind on colours is my ideal.”


Ian’s been on the Terry Dicken Business Park for nearly 2 decades. Would he recommend it?


Great location


“I’d definitely recommend the park. The location is great. There’s such a variety of businesses and people here which makes it easier to run a business. My neighbours include HFC, Platinum Motors and Tyres, Stokesley Hand Car Wash and Westbrook Cycles. I’ve used them all.”


We wrapped up the chat with Ian sharing some secrets of the trade.


Top tips


Outdoor furniture – “UV light causes decay to wooden garden furniture. Teak and linseed oil will feed the wood so regular treatment is essential to prolong the life of these items. Moreover, they’re likely to look like new again!”

uPVC Spraying – “As it’s popular now there are some people trying to make money by cutting corners. Beware of people offering to ‘price match any quote’. Cheapest is not always best. Ask for a detailed report of what is included in the work.”


Stokesley Pine Stripping can be found at; Unit 22, Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Station Road, Stokesley, TS9 7AE

Visit their website or Facebook page for more info

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