Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Stokesley Pine Stripping 


Stripping, sorry I better put the pine before that or we’ll have people thinking I am on about something else (imagine that in Stokesley on the Terry Dicken Business Park!). If you know me and have read the other Feature Friday’s then you’ll know I am going to take full advantage of this one. 

Anyways, Ian took over Stokesley PINE Stripping 14 years ago and I met with him a few weeks back to tell us more about what they do.  

Stokesley Pine Stripping specialise in paint stripping and the refurbishment of wood furniture and doors. They also supply and colour uPVC and glass, to the window and building industries and public alike. They have a large customer base of interior designers, builders and public who repeatedly keep them busy at their workshop on the Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley. 


More than you think

“We can strip anything from modern & period pine and oak doors, through to antique furniture and even wooden picture frames. Kitchen
re-sprays are also popular at the minute as are DIY products for the home and garden”.


A commute worth waking up for

“The business park is very friendly and a gorgeous commute on a morning, I love driving near the hills even on dull mornings it is a lovely, easy commute”. 


It’s not all watching paint dry

“I’ve sprayed parts and vinyl wrapped interior parts of yachts it is a really special job to be given”.



Keeping memories alive

“It’s rewarding seeing old furniture given a new lease of life. I love the lovely feedback I get from clients about how it has transformed their homes. Often, furniture has been handed down to people so it keeps the generational pieces modern and helps keep memories alive”. 


Up-cycle not throw out!

“People spend a lot of money when up-cycling and are quick to get rid of ‘old furniture’. What they often forget is that it can be sprayed and painted to match their new decor for often half of the price of buying new furniture. It is also more environmentally friendly as It reduces the amount of discarded materials and waste being added to landfill each year which results in a large reduction in air pollution, water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and often a conservation of global resources”.



Strip and dip

“Stripping (PINE) is a dirty job that involves tricky and complex processes to ensure that the wood is kept to the highest possible standard. At Stokesley Pine Stripping we use a mix of water and caustic soda which is heated to get a better effect with removing the paint and varnish from your items. We like to keep items at least 48 hours after dipping. Giving the wood time to dry for safety reasons. However, polyurethane can be removed using a chemical hand stripping process. It is interesting to see what lies beneath wood and you often get surprises along the way”.


For your local stripper and dipper, Ian can be found at: 


Unit 22, Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Station Road, Stokesley, TS9 7AE




Sally Atkinson, Editor at large

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