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Fibre-lyte produce custom carbon fibre parts for radio control models, bicycles, motorbikes and motorsports.

We first met Stephen back in 2019. That was when the UK was trying to ‘get Brexit done’ and we were all blissfully unacquainted with Covid-19. 

Let’s find out what’s been happening at Fibre-lyte since that last meeting.


Radio controlled resurgence

“Since 2019, the business hasn’t really changed that much. We’ve been involved in some special projects but generally still do more or less the same work that we did back then. However, due to the popularity of vintage racing, we’ve seen a resurgence in the radio controlled car side of our business. The team of 4 that we have here now have been around for about 20 years!”


Size doesn’t matter

“All our materials are laminated in-house using various methods of manufacture. This allows us to control the processes and laminate materials to specific customer requirements of all shapes and sizes. The smallest items we have ever manufactured were for jewellery, a rectal probe ? –  (more on that later) – mobile phones and micro radio controlled cars. The largest was most likely a bonnet for a Caterpillar dump truck or the race car that John engineered from the ground up – the SB Racing Chrono V8.”


Who’d have thought that one material could have so many applications? It’s no wonder that Stephen still enjoys his work, 24 years in.


Spice of life

“The variety of work here is incredible. Our cycling parts have been used in the last four Olympic Games. One day, we’ll be working with specialist audio equipment like turntables and speakers. Carbon fibre takes out the high pitch frequency resonance; when used together with other materials it’s possible to dampen unwanted sound. Another day, we’ll be manufacturing caps for a probe designed to take measurements of your intestines. Being transparent to x-rays, using carbon fibre ensures the signals are correctly received.”


Who knew?! With this in mind, would Stephen be able to describe his ideal customer?


Interesting and unusual

“We’ve built up a reputation for being approachable; always willing to try things. Most of our work is fairly repetitive so we love to take on the more interesting, unusual jobs. These tend to be less profitable but often lead onto other work. As a rule, our customers’ have a good idea of what they want and we can usually supply it. If I had to define our ideal customer, I would say it’s one that arrives with a smile on their face and leaves with a smile on their face.” ?


So, how can we support companies like Fibre-lyte?


A British institution

“It’s really important to support UK manufacturing. If the pandemic and the war in Ukraine should have taught us anything, it’s that instead of constantly trying to buy cheap from overseas and mostly third world countries, we should be supporting our own industries. Even if that means paying a little more for a superior product. Supply chains from overseas can easily be affected by circumstances beyond our control but UK manufacturing from source is secure.”


To wrap up, let’s hear what Stephen thinks of the Terry Dicken Business Park.


Variety of business types

“It’s a beautiful area, very nice people in general, the landlords are helpful, friendly people and there’s a lot of variety of business types. We’ve worked with a lot of other tenants on the industrial estate, like Stokesley Architectural Joinery for example. We’ve been here (as a company) since 1993 so that’s ample time to get to know people. We joke that we’re the local Post Office for the business park. Often receiving parcels for our neighbours, Mary O’Briens and Mulberry Blinds. Tony at Stoney Creek also shares our interest in the marvels of carbon fibre!”


Fibre-lyte are more than happy to talk with potential customers about new projects. They can be found at Unit 33 Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Station Road, Stokesley, TS9 7AE 

Visit their website 


Image – Force of Nature steam rocket bike, 200mph in 6 seconds with carbon fibre bodywork manufactured by Fibre-lyte.

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