Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Mary O’Briens 


Mary O’Briens manufacture handmade furniture and kitchens in a variety of materials and finishes. The majority of which are made to the customers own design and size.

I met with owner, Philip to hear all about it.


Humble beginnings

“It all began in 1992 as a hobby with my late father. We spent time together visiting auction houses around the country. We joked at the time that we were a bit like Steptoe and Son buying and selling second hand items, mainly furniture. In 1996 we decided to form a business and obtain work premises. A year later we sourced a supplier of new furniture and began to focus on selling pine and oak furniture which was very popular at the time. From there I started to manufacture it myself and fast forward 26 years, I am still doing it.”


Quality over quantity

“Including myself there are now three of us and one part timer. With the majority of our products being bespoke, we offer our best prices on quotation and we do like to promote the quality of what we make”.


Anyone and everyone

I asked Philip what his ideal customer looks like.

“Anyone, I’ll happily take the money from anyone! Joking aside, our kitchens are an on-going best seller so we’d be happy to talk to anyone who’s looking to upgrade theirs.”


A discerning gentleman

Mary O’Briens has been manufacturing handmade furniture and kitchens from the park since 1999. But how did they come to find us?

“I was brought up in Stokesley so I was always aware of it. Terry was in charge then and Mark worked with him. We would get a visit the first day of every month from Terry who, rather than directly asking us for rent payment, would ask politely if we had a bit of paper for him.”

? What a great example of old school manners! *Tips hat* ?


22 years and counting

I guess being a tenant here for 22 years speaks for itself! But still, I asked whether Philip would recommend the Terry Dicken Business Park.

“I would definitely recommend the park. Both Mark and Sue are helpful and very good landlords. It is a busy industrial estate with lots going on.”


So if you’re looking for quality handmade furniture and kitchens, Mary O’Briens can be found at Unit 34, Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Station Rd, Stokesley, Middlesbrough TS9 7AE or call 01642 714835

You can’t miss them. They’re on the same road as Terry Dicken Windows and Kitchens, Mullberry Blinds and Stoney Creek.

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