Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Forward Focus Consultancy


Forward Focus Consultancy; the no.1 choice for property investment in the North East. 

I met with Denis, Director and financial expert to hear all about how he went from mortgage advisor to leading the charge for property investment in the region. 


By chance

“Originally based in Stokesley, I qualified as a mortgage broker in 2013. Later, I started offering loan brokerage, alongside assisting with financial claims and other variations of finance. The property investment part just happened by chance. Many of my clients were down south and started asking for advice on investments up here. Consequently, what started as ad-hoc work, became full time.”


Bringing in the experts

“My current business partner, Chris was a mortgage customer at that time who I was helping rebuild his portfolio. Running Horizon Sales and Lettings, his expertise was in property sales, lettings and management. With so many synergies between us it was a no-brainer to work together. Martin was another mortgage client, an electrician by trade. Once Chris and I began sourcing investment properties, we soon needed help refurbishing them. Therefore, Martin came into the group as a full time partner and we’ve never looked back.”


The unique selling point

“Joining forces to offer an end to end service became our USP. Being able to advise on the financial aspect, then manage the development, refurbishment and rental of a property puts Forward Focus Consultancy in a really unique position. When the objective is achieved and the clients’ return on investment is delivered, we can also then manage the sale of the property.”


Levelling up

“After all the talk, the levelling up plan is actually happening and the time to invest in the North East is NOW. It’s relatively low risk and the next 5 years will deliver high yield and high return on investment.  20% capital growth is certainly achievable. Working with clients in London for years, many are now re-working their portfolios as the yields there are poor. But property investment up here isn’t easy without foundations, contacts or local knowledge. That’s where we come in. We cover everything end to end.”


Located at the heart of the Teesside Freeport is Teesworks; the UK’s largest and most connected industrial zone, unrivalled in size, scale and opportunity. 


Business is booming

“Each time a project at Teesworks is agreed, a new group of contractors will be despatched. Coming from all over Europe and needing accommodation. Over the next 5 years thousands of contractors are expected into the region. This provides a fantastic opportunity for investors to enter the buy to let market and capitalise on the regions’ growth. As a result, this June we welcomed David, Director of Workstays into the group. Workstays specialise in large corporate bookings, relocations and contractor accommodation. Further strengthening the Forward Focus proposition, corporate companies are now coming to us for help.  In fact, we can uniquely boast the full spectrum for hands off property investment.”


It’s clear that Denis is very passionate about what he does. But what does he enjoy most?


No two days the same

“It’s quite unbelievable to see the business evolving in front of our eyes. I love taking clients on the Teesside tour, showing them properties, explaining how our staff play a role in maximising their property investment. One day I’m processing mortgage applications the next sourcing a property or organising a team of trades in to do a property makeover. Now with a team of 35, no two days are the same! Helping people move forward has always motivated me and its very satisfying seeing clients supersede their investment.”


So why the move to the Terry Dicken Business park?


Work/life balance

“Though, our HQ is in Middlesbrough, I recently moved to Broughton with a growing young family so wanted to be closer to home. Mark and Sue are good people so I got in touch and they found me a suitable office. The paperwork is gone from the kitchen table and my work/life balance is back. It’s easy for me to pick the babies up from First Steps Day Care  and drop them home without disrupting my day. On the first day back here I bumped into about 10 old contacts. With friends at other businesses like Just for Dogs and The Colour Haus, it’s so easy to network here. “


Property investment opportunities

“For anyone looking for a local investment, individual or company, Forward Focus Consultancy offer commercial finance, bridging and development loans as well as limited company buy to let mortgages. 

Equally, anyone with land or commercial property that they are unsure what to do with please talk to us. We’ve recently helped secure planning and finance for major developments and are always on the lookout for new opportunities.”


So if that’s you, Forward Focus Consultancy can be found at office 17, 2 Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park, Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley, TS9 5QT. Or for more information about the group, visit their websites

workstays.co.uk  horizonnsalesandlettings.co.uk

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