Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

First Steps Day Care


First Steps Day Care is a private day nursery providing child care and early learning for young children aged between 6 weeks and 11 years old.

I talked with co-owner Rebecca to find out all about First Steps and how they care for your little one whilst you’re not there.


Over the years

There has been a nursery on the business park for over a decade, indeed Rebecca has worked at each iteration, qualifying in 2006 when previous owners were in charge.

Working her way through the ranks of nursery nurse to room leader then into management, Rebecca and her business partner, Emma eventually took over the business in 2015. 

Between Emma & Rebecca they have over 18 years’ experience in child care which put them in a great position to create a friendly, clean, healthy and safe environment which children find stimulating and enjoyable.

Rebecca said:

“We understand that many parents/carers work various shifts so we pride ourselves on being flexible.  We’re open Monday – Friday from 7.30am – 6pm. Customers can create their own sessions including full and half days, school hours and we also run before/after school sessions too.”


From baby bears to roaring lions

“We have a two story building with a large secure outdoor area. We have separate age appropriate rooms throughout so that our children can grow and learn with children of their own age and level. We take children from 6 weeks right through to 11 years. The busiest room tends to be the Roaring Lions room where we can have up to eighteen 2 year olds having a whale of a time!”

Blimey, it takes some skill to manage a room filled with 18 toddlers ?

Thankfully, Rebecca, Emma and their team of 14 are well equipped to handle that!


Best part of the job

“It’s so rewarding watching the children move through the age groups and become little individuals. We wanted to create an environment for them that was challenging, and where enjoyment, fun and achievement are linked with discovery and learning.”


Secret garden

Looking at the front of the highly secure building you wouldn’t expect to find a garden. However a large secure outdoor area has been designed to offer children a wide range of play equipment to develop their learning. They can even search for pirates! I’d recommend a visit to the website where Emma can take you on a virtual tour.


Surviving the pandemic

Speaking of doing things virtually, it wouldn’t be a proper interview if I didn’t ask about how Covid had affected the business. 

Rebecca said;

“When the first lockdown happened we had no choice but to close the nursery and Emma and I were asking each other how on earth are we going to get through this. Thankfully, all of the parents have been so super supportive and stuck by us. When we re-opened in June we slowly started taking bookings but fast forward to now we’re really busy and with the exception of a few time slots, we have a waiting list for most services. We can’t thank our customers enough”


Nothing is too much trouble

As ever, to conclude the interview I asked Rebecca what she liked about being a tenant on the business park. Her answers will not shock you!

“The parking here is really good and free which helps our customers. The town centre is really close and Mark and Sue are the best landlords, nothing is too much trouble!”


It’s refreshing to hear that First Steps Day Care are open and currently recruiting. For more information you can find them at Unit 7, Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley, TS9 5QT

Or take a virtual tour at –  firststepsdaycare.co.uk

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