Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Hunters Raw 


Hunters Raw supply a wide range of raw dog food and treats from their new home on the Terry Dicken Business Park.

Being a dog owner myself, I wasn’t sure about the idea of raw food. So I met with the team at their new shop to find out more. I can honestly say, it’s been an education! 


The beginning

Just 2 years ago Lucy and Craig opened a dog grooming salon in Nunthorpe. Being advocates for raw dog food themselves they decided to stock some. 

Craig explained;

“The salon grew in popularity very quickly and we decided to stock a range of raw dog food. Lucy is a nutritionalist and is passionate about giving her dogs the diet that is most natural to them. It proved very popular so we talked to Carl about the idea of expanding”


“I’d taken one of Lucy and Craig’s Fenlander puppies and after seeing the mums lovely temperament and glossy coat I decided to try him on raw food. I’ve never looked back! We all agreed that retailing the raw food was the right move and ‘Hunters Raw’ was born.


Finding the right premises

“We needed to find new premises and we tried a few different places but found none suitable. An agent recommended that I speak to Mark Dicken as a site was coming available on the park that sounded ideal. I’d rented a unit from Mark about a decade ago so had no hesitation. We found the perfect unit, large enough with space to have all of the display freezers for customers to browse but also with ample storage. We even have a mezzanine floor where we’ll be creating a meeting space for suppliers.” 


As nature intended

So what’s the deal with Raw food? You could be forgiven for thinking that raw dog food isn’t the nicest of things to handle but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. 

Craig explained;

“Raw food gives the dog the exact nutrients that it would naturally require which is usually a breakdown of 80% meat 10% offal and 10% bone. The benefits are plenty: shiny coat, better hydration and the peak performance for the dogs energy levels so many people find that their dogs also become calmer. Most people think that the product smells bad and is hard to handle but that’s not true. It’s frozen, so you just defrost in the fridge and give the dog the serving appropriate to its size.”

For all you dog owners now thinking “But how would I know how much to give?” the simple guide is usually 2-3% of the adult dogs weight. Don’t worry though, there’s a handy calculator on the Hunters Raw website if you get stuck!


Getting the right advice

Nutritionalist Lucy explains; “We often get customers who are trying raw food because their dogs are having reactions to something they’re eating. Usually wheat or grain is the culprit so we start an elimination diet and once on the raw food it’s then simple to identify if chicken, beef or offal is also creating a problem. We currently stock products from over 15 suppliers and we cater for both cats and dogs as well as breeds with additional needs such as Dalmatians.”


All budgets catered for

I did get the impression that Hunters Raw is a bit like Waitrose for dogs. With all the talk of grass fed beef, free range meats and organic veg you could be forgiven for thinking that the raw diet could cost a fortune. But Craig explained that it can be tailored to your budget.

“We give advice on what’s right for the animal based on theirs and the customers requirements. For example, we know what products work well mixed together and what treats can double as natural wormers. We can help customers get the right product for their budget.”


Walking back to happiness

So was the Terry Dicken Business Park the right choice for Carl and his team?

“We’re really pleased we chose to base the business here. It’s a nice park in a great area. We’ve also noticed that a lot of our customers pop in to stock up then take their dogs out for a walk in the hills. You’re really spoilt for choice with the walking options here.”


Treats galore, delivered to your door

A new range of birthday cakes, donuts and other perfect gifts for the dogs in your life will be in store soon. So if raw dog food isn’t for you, you’ll still find an array of amazing treats appropriate for the dogs digestion available here. Don’t worry if you can’t make it into the shop, delivery is currently available to Teesside and the outskirts of North Yorkshire.

Hunters Raw can be found at Unit 30, Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Stokesley, TS9 7AE

You can’t miss them, the entrance is right next door to the Terry Dicken Showroom and over the way from Mullberry Blinds.

Or visit their website where online ordering & a nationwide delivery service will soon be available.

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