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Richardson Podiatry

Richardson Podiatry treat common foot issues such as ingrown toenails, corns, hard skin and do nail care and cutting. They also offer advanced foot care such as diabetic foot screening and even test circulation.

We last met Lucy back in October 2020 not long after she opened her regular Stokesley clinic on the Terry Dicken Business Park.

Let’s hear what life at Richardson Podiatry has been like since then.


All change

“Firstly, Karen and Deborah both retired and they are enjoying all that retirement brings with it.” Said Lucy. “Secondly, we welcomed Tyler to the team to manage the Darlington practice. Thirdly, we expanded the practice in Stokesley, including offering home visits. These are particularly helpful for people who are almost house bound. Sometimes a nice chat and 30 mins of foot care can make all the difference to people stuck indoors. Often we’re addressing symptoms associated with diabetes. We can prevent conditions getting worse and have even identified emergencies. Home visits are now available on Wednesdays throughout Stokesley and as far out as Osmotherley and Middlesbrough.”


Stokesley expansion

“Subsequently, the Stokesley clinic now runs 4 days a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. With the help of our new receptionist and foot care assistant, Susanne. Joining us a year ago, she still works part time as an ‘A’ level physics and chemistry teacher whilst undergoing Royal College of Podiatry training. During this past year Susanne has gained lots of work experience. As a result she now delivers simple nail care services such as treating calluses and insoles. March sees her sitting further exams. Following that, she’ll be offering a diabetic screening service.”


It’s obvious that there’s a growing need for these type of services. Let’s hear more from Lucy on that.


The importance of good foot health

“Unfortunately, people often forget about their feet. Good foot health is really important and the feet can tell us so much about what else is going on in the body. For example, when we do an assessment we listen to the pulse in the feet. We can identify immediately if anything irregular is going on and advise the client accordingly. Any treatment plan we offer is tailor made to you. Its designed to take into consideration any medication you are already taking so is suited to your body. This also ensures that any existing conditions are not aggravated. To be healthy we need to keep moving and to do that you need feet that don’t hurt. Products for people who have very cold feet are essential for keeping them active over the winter months. Which also helps promote good mental wellbeing.”


Broader spectrum of expertise

“Welcoming two capable members of the team has allowed me to introduce a wider scope of practice. Problematic toenails can now be assessed and treated a number of ways. Nail surgery is a new addition which might include removing part or all of the toenail. Additionally, we can now offer verruca needling which is one of the best ways to get rid of a verruca.”


That might sound painful, but Lucy assured me it’s a procedure done using a local anaesthetic. So no need to suffer anymore! Let’s find out what other (and potentially less terrifying!) foot care services are on offer.


Efficient and reliable

“Fungal testing service – This is a really common condition. Our process is much more efficient than visiting the GP. Results are ready within 5 mins and we boast 98% accuracy. I am now qualified to prescribe medication so not only do you get almost instant results, you leave the clinic with a treatment plan and a prescription. Compare that with a GP service that takes 5 weeks just for results but only with 67% accuracy.”


Even miracles take a little time

“Cinderella Heels – We’re really excited about this one! Cracked heels can be painful, itchy and often bleed. In addition the look of dry, cracked skin is not very appealing. We’re on a mission to help people get their heels ready for summer and make them sandal ready! Just like Cinderella’s glass slipper, this is not a one size fits all service. We’ve discovered new creams and lotions that work wonders and can also offer specialist treatments for the more stubborn heels.”


Foot therapy for all

“Reflexology – Foot reflexology is the stimulation of the foot to help ease health conditions in other parts of the body. Using specific hand and finger techniques this type of therapy uses gentle pressure on specific points along your feet to help you feel better. This can also ease stress. A reflexology session can now be booked on its own or alongside a full foot assessment.”


I feel like we’ve come full circle today. From very problematic and painful foot conditions to relaxing, stress relieving treatments. Richardson Podiatry has something for everyone! Lucy concludes by sharing her thoughts on the Terry Dicken Business Park.


Everybody needs good neighbours

“I’d would definitely recommend the Terry Dicken Business Park. Largely because of my wonderful neighbours like North Yorkshire Physiotherapy, Roseworth Accountancy and National Civil Utilities (NCU). They have kindly shared their parking allocation with me so my clients are able to park close to the building. Recently a parcel delivery went missing and all the neighbours were really helpful in helping us track it down. It’s such a friendly place here.”


If you’d like to have your feet sandal ready for summer then ask about the new ‘Cinderella Heels’ foot care service. Or if you’re struggling with problematic feet at home – don’t – give Richardson Podiatry a call and they’ll ‘hot foot’ it over to you (see what I did there?!)

Richardson Podiatry can be found at Office 1, Unit 14 Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park, Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley TS9 5QT
Call 01642 712240 or visit their website

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