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North Yorkshire Physiotherapy


North Yorkshire Physiotherapy (NYP) are an independent physiotherapy practice treating all muscle and joint pain, neurological, and mobility problems from their clinic on the Terry Dicken Business Park.

We last met Kate in 2020. I’ve heard on the grapevine that there are big things ahead for NYP! Let’s hear all about it.


New facilities

“Increased demand meant we needed more space. Subsequently, we opened another treatment room in our Stokesley practice. Over the last two years we have become a placement practice for trainee physiotherapists from Teesside University. It’s been such a success that we welcome two new members of staff, Stuart and Dan, who both had student placements with us and start working here in September. Additionally, we hope to launch another practice in the Hambleton area this autumn.”


New facilities and more expertise. So what services are on offer?


Sports rehabilitation

“At our new premises the same quality physiotherapy services will be available. Along with a larger rehabilitation space for later stage sports rehab. Working more dynamically with clients recovering from injury to get the strength and conditioning back into their body. Including helping to improve things likes running technique, changing direction, landing and jumping. Ideal for footballers, runners, cyclists and netballer players alike, we’ll treat clients with ongoing issues such as achilles or anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and other injuries.”


Cyclist assessments

“Clients are invited along with their bike, for an individual assessment on a static platform. Dallas then assesses their unique posture and adapts the bike to suit. Following that an exercise programme is created to minimise any pain or discomfort and hopefully prevent injury. Furthermore, for anyone new to cycling, we can advise on the most suitable set up for your new bike. For experienced cyclists who are looking for ways to maximise their power output, we use the advanced ‘Guru’ technology. Dallas is on hand to advise on all aspects of this.”


Fall prevention

“One of our most successful new initiatives is the falls prevention class. Run by Sam on Wednesday mornings at the Globe in Stokesley. This class helps people improve balance and maintain independence by improving confidence in order to prevent falls. Sam has seen a huge improvement in the mobility of clients taking this class.”


Online exercise for long term conditions

“The online exercise class format works really well: it enables me to treat more people. Suitable for people managing long term conditions such as chronic back pain, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, osteoarthritis, or previous neurological conditions. I adapt each session to suit the needs of the group which helps individuals to improve mobility, strength and conditioning.”


Shockwave therapy for tendon pain

Earlier this year we purchased a Shockwave machine. Shockwave therapy is a non-surgical treatment that works by delivering impulses of energy (sound waves), that target specific damaged tissues within the abnormal tendon. i.e. gluteal, shoulder, patella. Specifically for people with long term problems that haven’t previously responded to physio. The machine produces a localised inflammatory reaction which stimulates the bodies natural healing process. An initial assessment with us will confirm if the treatment is appropriate for you. Then a course of shockwave therapy can be booked in.”


With such an interesting mix of services, I wonder what motivates Kate the most?


Passion in abundance

“Unquestionably, as physiotherapists our team all feel very lucky and privileged to do what we do. Being able to help people when they are suffering, often unnecessarily, gives us immense satisfaction. Our reward is seeing clients smiling as they get back to doing what they used to be able to do. Whether that’s just to get down on the floor, being able to walk upstairs or complete a 100 mile run! Helping someone to achieve their goal is the best feeling. Alan, Sam, Dallas, Charlotte and I work closely together and really enjoy what we do. Being self confessed physio geeks, we stay up to date on the latest techniques and undertake lots of training. That passion is infectious and extends to our administrative team Clare and Susanne and our new receptionists Mandy and Kay.”


The team at North Yorkshire Physiotherapy are clearly a dedicated bunch who are kept very busy. Do they have time to network with other tenants on the Terry Dicken Business Park?


Keeping it local

“The park has such a diverse range of businesses making networking easy. As a result, we often refer clients to Ros at RP Therapies and Kara at NY Studio. In addition, we work with Westbrook Cycles, Home Fix Computers, and rely on Sue at Catch Designs for website support. On a more personal note, Platinum Motors and Tyres do all of our MOT work and TK’s Cafe keeps us fuelled through the day!”


Great to see that there’s a tenant for every need right here on the park!


To find out more about the services on offer at North Yorkshire Physiotherapy call 01642 205975 or visit their website 

North Yorkshire Physiotherapy can be found at Office 4, Unit 14 Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley TS9 5QT

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