Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Roseworth Accountancy


Roseworth Accountancy offer efficient accountancy and taxation services for small businesses and private individuals within the Cleveland and North Yorkshire Areas. This includes helping local businesses with new business plans and using market-leading software from Sage, VT, Moneysoft and Xero.


We last met owner, Robert in March 2020. In our follow up chat today, we find out what’s changed since then.


New faces

“Like many businesses we went through a lot of turmoil during the covid pandemic. Thankfully, we’ve been lucky to keep our team together. In fact, we’re now a team of 6. Increasing workload meant we needed an extra pair of hands so we recruited, Martin in April 2022.”


Back in 2020 all the buzz was around ‘Making Tax Digital’ (MTD). HM Revenue and Customs stated that the main goal of MTD was to make tax administration more effective, more efficient and simpler for taxpayers. Did that happen?


Making tax digital

“Not yet. It’s fairly common knowledge that the HMRC are in a bit of a mess! Their reputation for customer service has gone from being poor to diabolical. Covid had a huge impact. Both individuals and accountancy firms are seeing the disruption caused by a reduction in staff numbers coupled with software changes made to accommodate MTD. Making HMRC simply less efficient. So much so that parts of the MTD plan have been pushed back to April 2026.”


Taking the stress away

“This has a knock on effect for our clients as it can be a nightmare when you need to contact HMRC. For example, I was informed that some of their customer service desks are closed for August so they can open the backlog of post! This can be really frustrating for small businesses who already have a number of plates to spin. In most cases we absorb much of the interface with HMRC. We can have authorisation to act on behalf of the client and can access their online tax account. This helps to remove some of the stress.”


Impressively, next year Roseworth Accountancy celebrate 40 years in business. Curious, I asked Robert how the world of accountancy changed in that time. 


Client protection

“Certainly, we’ve seen quite a lot of changes. These days there is so much more emphasis on policing things i.e. money laundering and data protection. Each time we take on a new client on we must do a lot of due diligence to prove who they are. This includes ID verification and undertaking risk assessments, even if we have known them personally for years! In many respects technology has made things easier.  Unfortunately this includes money laundering.”


Standing out from the crowd

“There’s a big world outside of the accountancy office and we’re mindful of that. Rather than just ‘doing accountancy’, we have a thorough understanding of being in business and the challenges small businesses face. Every team member here has experience of working in, or running a business. Experience covers the travel, electronics, chemicals and hospitality industries to name a few. In particular, we have extensive knowledge of the agricultural industry. The farmers that we look after find us easy to work with as we have a good understanding of how their industry operates.”


Job satisfaction

“The most satisfaction I get is from helping clients to achieve their goals. Working towards an outcome rather than just preparing numbers on a spreadsheet. Often that means helping a business owner to manage success in the most efficient manner. Sometimes it might mean supporting a business owner with ways to turn a failing business around.”


To wrap up, I asked Robert his thoughts on life on the Terry Dicken Business Park.


Easy to work with

“We’ve been here about 10 years the park owners are very easy to work with. Mark is an ambassador for all the tenants here, recommending services (and TK’s Cafe!) when appropriate. Rent is competitive and the landlords are very accommodating with any changes or requests. For example, we’ve always been in the same building, but we’ve moved around. Starting off on the ground floor in two offices, we took on a third as the business grew. When the upstairs of the building became available we moved to occupy half of the first floor. Usually moving offices brings huge disruption and incurs costs but as we didn’t even have to change our stationary, it was really easy to do.”


If you’re looking for help with accountancy and taxation, then Roseworth Accountancy can be found at Unit 14, Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park Stokesley TS9 5QT

Visit their website for more info or call 01642 714039

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