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Roseworth Accountancy


There are lots of places and streets that start with Rose around here aren’t there? It must be because of Roseberry Topping. When you think about it there’s a lot! I grew up on Roseberry Avenue and there’s Roseberry Crescent and then the place up in the moors I think, called Rosedale.

North Yorkshire love it, don’t they? No exception with Roseworth Accountancy. A great local accountancy firm based here on the Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley. Even based on ROSEBERRY court.

I met with Robert Cooper director, to tell me more.


Accountancy and Tax Advice

“Here at Roseworth Accountancy, we take care of all your business and personal financial needs. From payroll, VAT, tax and inheritance tax to name a few, as well as general financial advice”.




“Due to our location, we have a variety of clients but a lot who work in agriculture and related areas. Most are local, but we do have some further afield”.



First Premises

“Roseworth was started from our home in Great Broughton. We then moved to our first premises here at the business park. For us, it was an obvious choice as we wanted to stay in the area and the park brought lots of new potentials”.



Highly Experienced Staff

“We’re a team of five that stand out due to the knowledge we have. All staff members have experience working in business or industry which enhances their understanding and the service we offer our clients.”



More than just Figures

“Our practical approach enables us to have a good understanding of businesses aims and future objectives. Yes, we do year-end, tax and payroll etc. But to help a business excel we like to understand their goals and plans so we can guide them through the best financial options”.



Making Tax Digital

“We help local businesses to ensure that they are compliant with the new making tax digital rules”.


Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a UK government initiative that sets out bold a vision for the ‘end of the tax return’ and a ‘transformed tax system’. HM Revenue and Customs state that the main goal of MTD is to make tax administration more effective, more efficient and simpler for taxpayers.


If you find MTD too taxing and you want some helpful advice Robert and the team can be found at….


Roseworth Accountancy Ltd Unit 14, Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park Stokesley TS9 5QT




Sally Atkinson, Editor at large

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