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CrossFit Stokesley


CrossFit has thousands of independently owned gyms around the world. The CrossFit principle is ‘constantly varied functional movement at high intensity’. Each gym is unique but united by a shared commitment to world-class coaching and the development of a strong, supportive community. 


CrossFit Stokesley is under new management and owner, Emma is really looking forward to welcoming new members.


Introducing Emma

“Fitness for me is a passion. I’ve been very active from a young age. As well as coaching others, I’ve always trained and played a variety of sports. Around 8 years ago I discovered CrossFit. Initially, I joined as a member.  After quickly progressing, the owner asked me if I’d like to try coaching. I completed the CrossFit affiliated training programme. Then after a year of shadowing the owner, I joined the team working part time in the gym and covering staff holidays.”



“At that time my husband and I were busy renovating houses alongside running a pet shop in Hartlepool. Then we decided to move house. Moving our family of 5 to Osmotherley, my first priority was to find a CrossFit group. It’s more than just fitness, it’s a community of likeminded people. With 3 young children to manage I also needed somewhere to go where children were accommodated. It’s not usually possible to bring young kids to the gym however the CrossFit community makes fitness accessible for all.”


Discovering Stokesley

“It was such a relief to find CrossFit Stokesley operated by a really lovely family. Mum, Dad, Daughter and Son all played their own role in its success and it wasn’t long before I was helping out part time. After I’d been there a while I hinted that if they ever wanted to sell up, I’d be delighted to take over. So here I am! What’s really nice is the previous owners are still members and now they help me out.”


So that’s how Emma arrived here. Let’s find out more about the CrossFit principle.


Functional fitness

“CrossFit is all about functional fitness. Very focussed workouts with high intensity and variety incorporating the moves you do in everyday life.  Open to anyone over 18. In the same class we could have a 65 year old working out alongside an 18 year old. Both doing the same workout but with a different score or weight tailored to the individual. Our workout of the day keeps people motivated to come back. Class sizes are small, an hour long with maximum 8 people. Workouts range from 5 – 40 minutes. Warm up, strength and conditioning sets are always included. The whole class is guided by the coach so it feels like a really intimate session.” 


Live a healthy life

“CrossFit is unlike a typical gym setting. Think supportive rather than competitive. There’s a higher level of motivation when training with other people. You’re all in the same boat and encourage each other. All workouts can be scaled back to suit your individual intensity and ability. Members report quick results and an overall improvement in both health and fitness levels. You can’t skip meals or eat rubbish on this programme. Which makes it so much easier to live a healthier life. Come give it a try and you’ll soon be running around with your kids!”


Emma’s encouraging you to have a go and not be scared. Every level of fitness is catered for and all walks of life are welcome. So what does her ideal customer look like?


No egos here

“I really enjoy working with beginners and people that I can see have potential. You just need to be willing to learn. I get a real buzz from seeing people get fitter. It’s important to stick within your own capabilities and look after yourself. There are no egos here, just solid mindsets.”


Coming soon

“We’re working on some exciting stuff. The DPP nutrition programme with 3D body scanning technology will soon be available as a combined CrossFit membership. This is a unique nutrition programme designed to improve health and enhance your results. My specialism is in CrossFit gymnastics so I’m looking at introducing kids classes very soon.”


So what does Emma think of the business park?


Lots to do here

“When I found CrossFit Stokesley, I also discovered the Terry Dicken Business Park. I was amazed at how many businesses there are here. We’ve already used Westbrook Cycles, Lucky’s Play Barn and TK’s carvery was amazing!”


Can we encourage you to give CrossFit a try, for free?


Give it a go

“Please do get in touch and come and try a free class. There are no cliques here. Just a warm welcome ? Classes run at 6am, 7am, 9.30am, 5pm, 6pm & 7pm Monday to Friday. Memberships start at £65 per month for unlimited visits. We offer discounts for NHS workers, students, forces and joint members.”

CrossFit Stokesley can be found at 15A Station Rd, Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Stokesley, TS9 7AE Or visit their website or Instagram page

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