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Woodrose Shepherd Huts


Woodrose Shepherd Huts make luxury shepherd huts for holiday rentals, gardens and home offices. 

Wikipedia tells us that the shepherd’s hut was, since the 15th century used by shepherds during sheep raising and lambing, primarily in the UK and France. They are still in use today, but often as holiday rentals, or as an alternative to a summer house, shed or workshop. 

I met with Woodrose Shepherd Huts owner, Richard to find out more.


Early days

“I wanted to be a joiner when I left school but I couldn’t get an apprenticeship. In those days antique furniture was worth repairing as the older generation bought furniture to last a lifetime. An opportunity came up as a cabinet maker at a company in Thirsk. I jumped at the chance and was there for many years.”


The IKEA effect

Years later Richard decided to start his own company and 27 years ago moved to the Terry Dicken Business Park. 

“For 25 years we worked in the luxury furniture trade but the industry changed. People no longer wanted furniture for life. Fashion dictated taste and affordable, lower quality furniture became the norm. So 10 years ago we diversified into luxury shepherd huts for holiday rentals.”


New avenues

“We were asked by a customer to build one and before it was even finished another request came in. Essentially, the construction is same as any wooden structure timber building but wanting, to offer luxury, I did my research. I visited a lot of other companies for inspiration and then made modifications to meet our high standards. For example, most huts on the market have tin roofs but they are very noisy. Imagine laying under a tin roof and trying to sleep in the rain, it’s like being in a banging drum!  So I now use rubber roofs which are quiet, insulated and stay warm, especially in the winter.”


From 17th Century necessity to luxury glamping

Shepherd huts have been found in the North Yorkshire National Park for over 200 years and originally just contained a bed and a woodburning stove. Richard has the original blueprint and builds from that but has modernised with luxury in mind.

“Our huts are the most luxurious you’ll find. Including en-suite bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens, decking, we do the lot. They are the perfect option for a customer wanting to create a stress free getaway.  Decorated inside and out so everything (with the exception of soft furnishings) is ready for you to simply turn the key and start enjoying. Alternatively, you can just buy an empty hut!”


Supporting local farmers

“The majority of our customers are farmers looking to diversify and create more revenue. We are registered with North Yorkshire National Park so we can help farmers to do just that. We’ve had great feedback from our customers that having shepherds hut as a holiday rental has literally saved their farm. We’re really proud to be able to support the national park and encourage tourism to our region.”


Comfortable working from home

The pandemic has given rise to many people working from home and this has increased the need for home offices.

“We have a standard 10ft x 8ft hut that is perfect to adapt to a garden office. Customers tell us it makes life so much easier to have a contained, comfortable place to work. The space is versatile and can be used for anything. We’ve made huts for spare bedrooms, kids playrooms even a request for a home gym! They’re ideal for home use as no planning permission is needed. That only becomes a factor if you are renting it out as a business. They ideally last around 25 years so are a solid investment.”


The Terry Dicken Business Park

When Richard needed a work shop to set up his own business he got in touch with the one man he knew could help – the legendary Terry Dicken. 

“I asked Terry if he had a small workshop that I could use. He happened to have one he was using for storage so kindly offer me half of it! 10 years later when his son Mark took over the business I got the other half. I was happy to see the back of the 30 odd toilet seats and old computers that no longer worked!”

*Note to reader, most folk will be familiar with Terry Dicken, a much loved character in the Stokesley area. A formidable business man with a passion for upcycling, way ahead of his time!


A much nicer environment

I concluded our chat by asking Richard what he enjoys about being a tenant on the park.

“The biggest benefit is the service. Mark, the landlord has always looked after me. If I have ever asked for anything it’s been done.  It’s a really nice estate, not so much an industrial estate, more of a trading estate. A much nicer environment to work in and for customers to come to visit.”

I like it when I meet tenants who use their own products and services. Like previous subjects Dustin Cleaning, Richard also uses his own huts. He works from one and every year when he exhibits at the Stokesley Show you’ll find Richard staying on site, overnight in one of his creations.

You can’t get a better recommendation than that! 


If you’re looking to create a garden office or you’d like to bring more revenue to your farm you can find Woodrose Shepherd Huts at Unit 7A, Terry Dicken Business Park, Station Road, Stokesley, TS9 7AE

Or visit woodroseshepherdhuts.co.uk

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