Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday


Do you know TK’s? Who am I kidding? Of course you know TK’s. It’s one of the many businesses on the Terry Dicken Business Park that helps create a real buzz about the place, being a food hub for breakfast, dinner, and working lunches. Bacon sandwich? Burger? TK’s is the place, if reading this is making you as hungry as it’s making me, then I’ll see you over there at lunch time.

The busier the better


TK’s offer a wide range of delicious food to eat in or takeaway, made from locally sourced produce. I can vouch for it being ‘delicious’ because when interviewing Jo, the Manager, we were inundated with pleasing interruptions more times than I can remember due to it being hectic with happy customers returning for their food fix! Sounds like good food to me.

From strength to strength


New ownership in 2018 brought some great new enhancements to TK’s from free WIFI and contactless payments to outdoor seating to add to the enjoyment of your full English when the Stokesley sun hits.

Watch out for specials!


Throughout the week as well as food specials to look out for, TK’s go the extra mile to make the days of others special. On a Thursday, they put on a lunch club for seniors at the Stokesley Town Hall which is served up by local volunteers, as well as taking dinners for the Alzheimer’s club at the Town Close on Monday’s and Wednesdays.


Family by food


Talking with Jo, really put into perspective how good food really does bring people together. “It’s nice to meet customers, it’s nice getting to know them by name, finding out about people, their lives, their families, and you get to know people from the business park. There’s lots of local people coming in and local workers. It’s lovely”

The business park brought new business opportunities for Damon, owner of another of the parks businesses, Big D’s BBQ. A catering service specialising in authentic Southern American barbecue style food.

“Everyone knows everyone on the Terry Dicken Business Park, everyone sees each other and has a natter, it’s like a little family, it’s great.”

For tasty food that comes recommended by the majority of the business park, TK’s can be found at: Unit 28a Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Stokesley TS9 7AE.

Or check out the menu on their Facebook page 

I’ll see you in there!

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