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Big D’s BBQ


Despite the name, Big D’s cater for all events big and small. I went to visit Damon in his new shiny HQ based on the Terry Dicken Business Park a couple of weeks back. In fact, I got lost in their building I couldn’t find his office! Anyone else have those awkward situations where you’re just wandering around looking for something and you’re muttering to yourself things like ‘it must be here’ or ‘I must be blind’ or how long do I leave it till I go into panic mode and ring someone, because yeah same.


Anyway, I stumbled into the washing room (I panicked because I didn’t want to get roped into washing up or get done for trespassing) but I was kindly directed to Damon’s office, and it was nice to see Damon’s youngest son, Jake, joining in on our Feature Friday conversation on his school summer holidays. Who else this summer brought their little ones with them to work? You gotta love the long six weeks haven’t you!


Weddings (around 70 a year) are the event caterers most popular gig, with brides and grooms all across the North-East choosing Big D’s and often booking years in advance. Apart from weddings, they cater for family parties, BBQ’s and corporate events, in fact, Big D’s are proud to be currently hosting breakfasts for one of the biggest online retailers, Amazon. For a business that started in the garden, that is some achievement and living proof that you may start small but grow big.




20 gigs in 9 days

“We graft hard. We’ve just completed 20 gigs in the past 9 days. Late nights and early mornings is the norm for me and my team. We’re really busy but it is the way we like it”.




All under one roof

“Our new warehouse has everything we need in one place. Offices, kitchens, washing stations and lots of storage. Before we had a single office and a small unit but now we have it all in one place which makes it easier for everyone. It’s a good reason to be based on the Terry Dicken Business Park because they help you grow your business space and facilities as your business grows”.




3000 people, easy

“We cater for small, more intimate events such as discos and parties to large corporate events with our highest number to date 3000 people”.




We started in the garden

“Big D’s started in my garden, we used to smoke meats overnight on the BBQ ready for our events. Our demand grew incredibly quick and therefore we moved to the Terry Dicken Business Park where we had more space and facilities to prepare and cook our dishes”.




What to expect

“We cook and explore a whole range of different cuisines and flavours from all around the world. Menu choices are often things such as paella, southern fried chicken, wood-fired pizzas, hog roasts, BBQs and much more”.




Jakes Bar

“Jake’s Bar, named after my youngest son is a part of Big D’s which allows us to offer our customers a whole food & drinks package if required. This means that the customer doesn’t have to outsource another supplier making it easier and convenient”.




“As winter is approaching we cater for Christmas parties, events and even winter BBQs. We are also looking to develop new menus ready for the winter season, so watch this space”.


I asked Damon: If you were going to a secluded island for the rest of your life and you could only take 3 things with you what would it be and why? His Response:

1.BBQ smoker – clearly!
2.A machete for chopping things
3.Holly Willoughby as I reckon that’s the only chance I have of getting with her ever


For all your event catering big and small Big D’s can be found at:

Unit 28, Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Stokesley TS9 7AE



Sally Atkinson, Editor at large 

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