Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Gas and Oil Ltd


Gas & Oil Ltd is a family run plumbing and heating company, providing professional, high quality plumbing and central heating solutions to clients throughout Teesside and North Yorkshire.

Born in Redcar, owner Chris moved to Wales when he was just 2 years old. When his family returned to the area 8 years later, he brought back with him a strong Welsh accent! You wouldn’t know now though. So, sit back, relax and let’s hear all about Gas and Oil from Chris.


From apprentice to owner

“When I left school I undertook a 4 year apprenticeship with Gas and Oil in Stokesley. At that time I was working for the previous owner, Steve. I quickly learnt the ropes and became fully qualified. In 2014, I left to get more experience, working for a renewables company. 2 years later, I re-joined the company as part owner. We worked together for a further 2 years, until in 2019 when Steve retired and I took over the business fully.”


Installation, repair, service and maintenance

“We do all aspects of plumbing and central heating including the installation, repair, servicing and maintenance of boilers. This includes oil boilers and tanks and underfloor heating. Our renewables work covers both ground source and air source heat pumps. We also do commercial gas and oil boilers and LPG.”


Flexing the grey matter

“The commercial work is really interesting but I think my favourite jobs are repairs. Finding the source of the problem is just like doing a brain teaser. It’s always an enjoyable challenge to find then fix the issue. Owning my own business was a dream. I like the flexibility of working my own hours. Although I have to say that there weren’t enough in the day when we came out of lockdown. Work kept me busy until 10pm in the evening, most nights. Customers were just so pleased to have company that I was often staying for tea at the end of a job!”


As we all face the increased cost of fuel coming into the challenging winter months, Chris has created a new offer designed to help customers manage efficiency and give peace of mind.


Fuel efficiency this winter

“A boiler is at its most efficient when it is regularly serviced and fully maintained. Maintaining maximum boiler efficiency can potentially lower your heating bills. This is because a service will clean up any deposits that have built up in the boiler. Therefore, on 1st October 2022 we are launching our ‘Boiler Care Plan’.”


Boiler Care Plan

“This is a yearly contract which covers the annual service and repair of your boiler, keeping it running at maximum efficiency. We’ve developed 3 packages to suit our customers budget and type of boiler they have.”

The standard package is £17.50 per month and includes the yearly service and 4 priority call outs. We cover the labour, the customer only pays for the parts needed to fix. For ultimate peace of mind, we’re offering the premium package. Annual service, parts and labour are covered and call outs are unlimited. This is just £21.50 per month for a gas boiler and £25.00 per month for an oil boiler.

Just one number to call and within 24 hours we’ll be there to fix it with no additional cost.”


Where do I sign up?!  To wrap things up I asked Chris what he likes about being a tenant on the Terry Dicken Business Park.


It’s all here

“Gas and Oil Ltd have been on the park since 2012. I really like it here too so saw no need to move elsewhere. Local customers keep us busy and we also do all of the servicing, repairs and new installations on the business park. There is such a diversity of businesses here you can find almost everything you need.”


If you’d like to ensure your boiler is running as efficiently as possible this winter, or for any other plumbing and central heating needs, Gas and Oil Ltd can be found at Office 11, 2 Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park,
Stokesley TS9 5QT or visit their website or Facebook page

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