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Cambridge 1:1 Diet Plan


The Cambridge Diet was developed by Alan Howard at Cambridge University in the 70’s for use in hospital weight loss programmes. In the 80’s the programme was introduced into the UK’s growing commercial diet market. Consequently, it became the go-to, fast weight loss plan that GP’s referred patients to, in a bid to tackle health issues such as diabetes.

Today, known as the ‘Cambridge 1:1 Diet’, it is the only fast weight loss diet plan unique in providing one-to-one consultant-led support.


So, let’s meet local consultant, Lynne Jackson.


Trial and error

“For me, it all started after the birth of my daughter. Trying really hard, I just couldn’t shift my baby weight. I tried all sorts of trusted weight loss plans. They worked to a degree but afterwards the weight crept back on. Then I discovered the Cambridge 1:1 Diet. In just 3 months I lost 3 stone! Perhaps more importantly, the easy to follow maintenance programme meant I kept it off for longer.”


Sounds fantastic! So how does it work?


Millions of dieters can’t be wrong

“The plan is based on a range of meal replacement bars, soups, shakes and dishes. These fulfil your daily nutritional and vitamin requirements while keeping calories super low. There are 6 steps in the plan. Steps 1-3 focus on fast weight loss and steps 4-6 on maintenance. Multiple studies have proved the plan effective and it has been continually developed, improved and refined over 36 years, using the latest evidence. Along with the outcomes of millions of dieters!”


Who’s it for?


Everyone welcome

“Anyone can do it. Men and women will both benefit from fast weight loss. It’s common to see brides wanting to lose weight before a wedding but I’ve helped a wide range of people for different reasons. This includes clients diagnosed with diabetes needing to lose weight and get healthy. Operations are also common drivers for fast weight loss, whether that be pre- or post op.”


No two bodies the same

“Everybody has a different starting place and weight loss goal. It’s important to take lifestyle into account too. That’s where I come in. I work with each client to understand their individual needs and create a plan that works for them. Encouragement and support is offered throughout each individual clients’ weight loss journey.”


Life is for living

“I enjoyed losing the weight and wanted to help others do the same. Being a consultant for over 3 years now, I still follow the plan myself. Life is for living and sometimes the weight does start to creep up again. Holidays can often be the cause of that and they should too! These days for me, a bit of weight gain isn’t the end of the world. I have the tools and motivation to easily get back on track. Above all, I want to give my clients that peace of mind so that they can enjoy a healthy life too.”


What else should we know?


Easy as

The benefits are endless. Firstly, there’s no meal preparation. So no temptation to snack as you cook! Get your kettle, get your package and you are done. So it’s really easy for busy people, on the move. You can be sure you’re still getting 100% of your daily nutrients and vitamins.”


Saving money

“Prices vary, but on average, you’ll only pay around £2.62 for a meal. That’s less than the price of one Costa Coffee! As we carefully structure your plan together, you may even spend less than you usually would on your average shop. Depending on what step you are on, you won’t even have to go food shopping at all.”


Bonus! So where does all of this magic happen?


Flexible appointments

“Where I spend my time with the client is up to them. I have a private office on the park where we can meet or I’m happy to visit them in their own home. Appointments are available daytime, evenings and weekends. Progress can be recorded virtually or we can do in person weigh-ins too. It’s very flexible.”


Plenty of parking

“Initially, I was home based. But when the opportunity came to have access to an office on the park, I jumped at the chance. The people on the park are so friendly and parking is great. My office is based in the Nationaal Gallery. It’s private and comfortable and clients get the chance to view the artwork on their way in!”


So if you’re ready to start your fast weight loss journey, Lynne can be contacted on 07977 930015 or visit Lynne’s profile page for more information.


Lynne Jackson and the Cambridge 1:1 Diet Plan can be found within Nationaal Gallery, Pulrose House, 14 Ellerbeck Way, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley, TS9 5JZ.

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