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Luke Wilkinson Joinery


Luke Wilkinson Joinery offer bespoke joinery manufacture and installation services. They specialise in high quality, custom made products.

Luke, a fully qualified bench joiner and expert in interior and exterior joinery, gave me the lowdown.


Dad knows best

“I guess it all started with inspiration from my Dad. He started his own business and has always worked for himself. Keen to ensure I learnt a trade, he would drive me around the local business parks at a young age to inspire me. I really liked the idea of becoming a joiner so we worked on all the businesses nearby to source a suitable apprenticeship.”


Learning the trade

“Luckily enough, I was offered an apprenticeship with a local joinery company and it was there I learnt the craft. I stayed for 12 years in total and got the experience I needed to hone my skills.
After that I moved around the area a bit. However, the pandemic made me re-assess how I was working. I decided it was time to go out on my own. Thinking – ? why not just give it a go?  – I did, and the business opened in Aug 2021.”


Dad’s helping hand

“Originally, I was working out of my Dad’s garage. I bought in a few machines and just took over! It wasn’t long before I was getting jobs that were too big for that space. I was also aware that I might start to annoy the neighbours! So I decide to look for premises.”


Built for convenience

“As my career started here on the Terry Dicken Business Park, it seemed like a natural move to open up my business here. I know the landlords, and my way around and living locally makes it really convenient.”


Bespoke creations

“Now I have the space to thrive. I’m not looking for mass production. I excel at the more bespoke joinery like one-off commissions. For example, a customer recently requested a miniature soribashi – that’s a little garden bridge to me and you! ? – he already had one so I replicated it and installed at his home. I’m working on things like box sash windows, internal doors, and alcove cabinets. I’ve even fitted a customer supplied kitchen although my ideal job would be a bespoke joinery one off creation or heritage work.”


Historic England

The phrase ‘Heritage Joinery’ refers to joinery that is used in listed buildings. Listed buildings are recorded on the National Heritage List and are classified into grades to identify their historic or architectural importance. But did you know it’s actually a crime to alter a listed building without the appropriate consent? Good job Luke knows his stuff then!


Sympathetic design

“A listed building has to comply with heritage regulations. So it’s essential to create a modern piece of equipment that is respectful to the original design. For example, a window might need to be single glazed so we need to re-create the original design but maybe add in modern weather seals to improve its functionality. It’s really interesting work as the old designs tend to be much more intricate. Then we have the opportunity to incorporate modern techniques.”


Customer service

“I’m really enjoying the work so far. I’m doing a lot of interesting bespoke joinery work. The joinery is the easy bit. The hardest part is keeping up with the paperwork and estimates. It’s important for me to make time to go out and see customers and make sure I haven’t missed anything.”


Sounds like it won’t be long before Luke is looking for an extra pair of hands!


All aspects of joinery work are considered so get in touch with Luke for a free no obligation quotation on 01642 983919

Luke Wilkinson Joinery can be found at Units 11 & 12 Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Station Road, Stokesley, TS9 7AE

Or view their work on Instagram

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