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St James’s Place Wealth Management


St James’s Place Wealth Management are a financial advice company specialising in investments, pension planning, inheritance tax planning and protection. With over 25 years of wealth management experience, they are dedicated to your financial wellbeing.

I met with Principal, Andrew Payne to find out more.


The best dreams begin with B

“I originally worked at Teesside University, then moved into an admin role at Legal and General. My knowledge of the financial industry was gained with roles at a number of building societies including Skipton, Scarborough and Northern Rock. Eventually, I wanted the challenge of growing a business so I joined St James’s Place Wealth Management with my business partner, David. Initially based in Malton near Pickering, the team now includes Practice Manager, Carolyn and administrator Caroline.”


Global reach

St James’s Place are a FTSE 100, UK based company with offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. They have a solid reputation for money management and, as such, can access funds from around the globe. They boast an impressive portfolio of fund managers in USA, South Africa, Australia, Europe and the UK.


Money, money, money

“Being an Associate Partner Practice of St James’s Place Wealth Management, we specialise in investments, pension planning, inheritance tax planning and protection. We offer all of our clients a face to face, personalised service taking into account your personal or business objectives. That means we are able to deliver solutions that are right for you.”


Making plans for Nigel

“We can help organisations to protect their business by sourcing plans such as key worker or income protection. Reducing tax bills by maximising pension contribution payments is another service we regularly offer. For our individual clients we’re often found advising on the best pension plans. This could be setting up additional pensions to supplement work based products or consolidating a number of current pensions. Or simply making the right investments for the future. No two clients are the same and that makes our job really interesting”.


If I had a million dollars

Finance just isn’t my forte so I was keen to find out what Andrew enjoys most about his work. I asked what their ideal customers look like.

“David really enjoys finding the right investment to suit the client. I enjoy the more complicated projects such as child trusts or inheritance tax. It’s never straightforward, a bit like solving a puzzle, and I like being able to take on the challenge. That means we’re able to cater for all aspects of financial wellbeing for all types of client, no matter their age group or whether they’re looking for medium or long term investment.”


Reviewing the situation

“It’s really important to make sure that pensions and investments are regularly reviewed. We choose the right product for the client based on their objectives. It’s equally as important to monitor to ensure performance is as expected. During the first part of the pandemic, the markets fell by around 30%. This was alarming for people at a time when there was so much negativity. I spent those first few months contacting my clients to make sure they weren’t panicking. Thankfully, most plans had made back up by end of the year. That’s just part of the service that we offer, we’re dedicated to your financial wellbeing.”


Moving on up

After moving back to Stokesley in 2020, Andrew wanted to find premises nearer to home but also within easy reach of other parts of North Yorkshire.

“The Terry Dicken Business Park is ideally situated for us. It’s so close to home but also allows us to easily reach all our clients in places like Malton, Pickering and Scarborough. We were made to feel really welcome when we enquired and were impressed by how cost effective it is. We’ve been able to find an office with plenty of room for our team that also has access to a large boardroom for our client meetings. We’ve got the best of both worlds!”


If you’d like someone to help you take control of your financial wellbeing then Andrew and the team at St James’s Place Wealth Management can be found at Office 16, 2 Roseberry Court, Ellerbeck Way, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley, TS9 5QT

Or visit their website

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