Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Stonewall Leisure


If you are looking for a leisure vehicle conversion specialist, then look no further!

Stonewall Leisure offer a full bespoke conversion service to your leisure vehicle, or to one of their own. This can mean anything from some additional seating to a complete camper van transformation.

I met with the owner Chris to find out more.


Needs must

“Stonewall Leisure came about when we needed to upgrade our own camper van and just couldn’t find what we wanted out there. Our family situation had changed and I needed to adapt it for my Mum to be able to continue using it. Despite running my own garage for 10 years it was still a struggle to find what we wanted. It took me two and a half years to finally get a finished article to the high spec required.”


A design for life

Inspired by the opportunity, Chris closed down his garage in Feb 2019, left the old premises and started Stonewall Leisure. Initially he worked from home, quickly outgrowing the space, and he then moved his expanding team of 4 to the business park.

“We’ve been really lucky that the current climate has helped our situation. In the days pre-covid there were always vans for sale. Many places were doing conversions but most of them require you to buy their design. Once the country opened up again, so many people wanted a holiday but with travel limited, a camper van became a really good option.”


Something for everyone

Did you know that there were so many uses for a van? 

“We specialise in bespoke conversions and have all different types of customers with very individual needs. We have customers that do motorsports and need a utility vehicle, dog owners that travel to shows and need sleeping and washing facilities for their pets and families looking to holiday in our beautiful countryside.”


The great outdoors

It’s clear that Chris puts passion into his work. With high standards and strong attention to detail customers can be assured they’re getting the best.

“I’ve always been very outdoorsy. As a family we were always away in a tent, caravan or motorhome. I just love it and I’m very passionate about the work I do. I take great pride in creating that dream for the customer. We aim to give the customer exactly what they want. We put our passion into every van we produce. One thing I love about being a leisure vehicle conversion specialist is that I can help give people a product that increases the quality time they spend with their family. When the customer comes to collect their van after it being with us for a few days, the smile on their face is the reward for our hard work.”


Quality vs quantity 

“When we first meet a customer we take time to understand how they plan to use the van, what they want and we then give a realistic idea of what can be achieved. 

We offer high end, quality conversions. This can be a big investment but we try to cater for all budgets. The VW transporter is the most popular van for converting and this can cost anything from 6k – 20k. Some people are looking for practicality and others just want pure luxury. 

If we can’t help a customer, for example if what they want just doesn’t work for their budget then we can advise them on a DIY conversion and suggest the best kit to use and supply it. 

A van wouldn’t leave us if I was not happy to own it myself. We have customers as far away as Edinburgh so we have to get it right first time.”


Perfect location with room for growth 

So what was it about the Terry Dicken Business Park that made Chris choose here?

“Stokesley is a lovely part of the world. It’s so close to the moors, dales, and the popular seaside towns and the park is a highly valued part of Stokesley. We walk our dogs here, so coming here to work is a real bonus. The drive in on a morning is stunning. Our unit is at the rear of Pearsons. A larger space than we initially needed but having it enabled us to bring forward some of our long term plans.”


The full package

“We’ll soon be opening an online shop selling camping spares and parts and accessories. The plan is to offer both sides of the camping experience. We’ll be able to do repair work, and offer spares for people who are already camping in their vans. As the only leisure vehicle conversion specialists in the area, we’re in a prime position.

We’ll also be making our own furniture in kit form so that customers can buy and fit themselves if they are doing a home build. We can supply it and do habitation checks to ensure everything is safe to use.”


If you’re looking for a top quality leisure vehicle conversion specialist for work, no matter how big or small, then Stonewall Leisure can be found at Unit 2a, Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley, TS9 5JZ or visit their website

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