With over a year spent in some kind of lockdown, it is safe to say that we would all like to get back to some sort of normality. To get back the energy of a busy office or the creativity of a face to face team meeting! But the virus hasn’t gone away, and we must remain vigilant in order to protect our staff and customers and be trusted to provide a COVID-19 secure working environment.

Analox has spent 40 years monitoring different breathing spaces, from the depths of the ocean to your local pub, making sure the people working in those areas are safe. We have produced a carbon dioxide (CO2) monitor called the Air Quality Guardian, which can help provide you with accurate information on the quality of the air you’re breathing.

There are 2 significant by-products when we breathe out, CO2 and water droplets. These water droplets might contain COVID-19 but it is the CO2 that becomes our measure. As we breathe out CO2 in an enclosed space, CO2 levels can rise and as that goes up, so does the likelihood of potential COVID-19 droplets in the air.

Being informed of increasing levels of CO2 gives you the opportunity to act and improve ventilation, reducing the risk of airborne viruses spreading. The Air Quality Guardian gives clear, continuous CO2 readings and lets you know when you need to ventilate an area.

You could of course remember to leave windows open, but it’s hard to form new habits, especially when there are so many new rules and guidelines to think about. The Air Quality Guardian removes human error, if the CO2 levels rise, it will alarm to tell you to ventilate, simple.

Now is the time for you to take back control over this virus and stay ahead of the spread!

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