Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Energy Direct – innovating to make business utilities simple


Introducing the newer faces on the block – Energy Direct.  This weeks read bring: energy, fun and family to the Terry Dicken Business Park.


Energy Direct mean business

Energy Direct started in 2003 as an independent energy consultant looking after anything utility related for commercial companies. The company is now run by father and son Barry and Alex respectively, along with 6 other team members and growing. Specialising in the business-to-business sector they mean to bring about good change for any business with a commercial property and a meter!


Stay seated and save time and money

They’ve recently branched out leveraging technology, bringing two new innovative services to the market: Scan ’n’ quote – simply take and scan a picture of your bill via a QR code, and Energy Direct send back the best rates on the market! And, Yourtilities – a new online place for all your utility matters under one roof so you can easily self manage. Sounds like they’ll be making a lot of peoples lives easier.


Following in his fathers footsteps

Alex does what he does because he enjoys it and it’s a great industry to be in. He gets to attend trade shows and speak to numerous people aiding in building a network. As it’s a family run business, he likes being involved and supporting his Dad:

“Helping the business, is helping the family, so it’s nice and rewarding in that aspect. Growing your personal network is good too because some clients end up becoming friends.”


Very well suited for clients, and us!

“The business park is well suited because it’s so convenient travel wise and in a beautiful spot as well, so much more appealing for clients who come and visit the office. We’re self contained too with our own facilities which is much more suited to us and exactly what we wanted.

As much as it is busy on the park it’s calm and relaxing in our perfect offices, it’s always very well maintained and presentable”


If you fancy saving money on your energy bills, Energy Direct can be found at 4 Roseberry Court, Ellerbeck Way, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley, TS9 5QT


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