Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday


Bull Tankers


Do you know those people who are just really clued up? Have their heads together and work really hard.

Matt Tyrka from Bull Tankers is one of those people. A local lad with passion and a real drive for good graft and first-class service. Bull Tankers are a waste management service based here on the Terry Dicken Business Park. They offer a very important service to empty septic tanks and de-sludge treatment plants. Hopefully avoiding any unwanted problems and blockages! ?

Local Lad


“I’m a local lad, I live in Kirkby. I saw a gap in the market for a local independent company, focusing on providing a personal service. A fellow friend Frank Jackson of ‘Cleveland Clearwaste’ was kind enough to help show me the ropes when he retired and helped me build up my client base. I am now the only independent waste management service in the area”.


Septic Tank Emptying


“Having a septic tank emptied on an annual basis is vital to ensure that a septic tank works correctly and prevents any drainage issues. We have the experience and skills necessary to ensure this service is carried out to the highest standard. We can also carry out checks on septic tanks to ensure it is working correctly, and that it is compliant with the new 2020 legislations”.


Sewage Treatment Plant De-sludge


“A treatment plant is the modern version of a septic tank. Your treatment plant will require a regular empty dependant on use, this will keep the system working correctly. We are committed to getting the job done. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.


First Class-Service


“As an independent, I am much more flexible. Meaning if you need me day/night or weekend I can help. No waiting till office opening times or being sent to the end of a long waiting list. This business is my passion and therefore I only have one mission, to give people the first-class, on demand service they deserve”.


Rosedale Court


“I am based in Rosedale Court. You’ve probably seen the truck parked up on an evening if you’ve driven past. You can’t miss ‘The Bull’! I chose here because of the convenience and ease of access, but most importantly it allows me to provide the first-class service that I set out to give, it was a really good decision.”


Public and Businesses


“I work with a real range of people and businesses all over Yorkshire and the North East. It could be houses, offices, holiday parks or hotels, no two days are the same!

If your tanks are full then ring for ‘The Bull’ ! – 01642 710250 find and follow us on Facebook and Instagram – @bulltankers

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