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NY Studio


NY Studio, is nestled in the Terry Dicken Business Park in a quirky little setup. It reminded me of an American-style trendy studio. Something you would see in a movie set up. Modern, fresh and full of natural light.
In fact, speaking of movies, when I walked in I thought I’d entered A Fifty Shades of Grey film set to be honest. There’s some really questionable looking equipment. Think hand and feet straps, beds and lots of metal. Maybe there’s a hidden secret in the park… joking. I AM JOKING.


When I thought of pilates I thought it was more mat-work holding funny positions. I was so wrong. Karen Gillett, studio owner, invited me to attend a class to give me a ‘real’ taster…
Wow, it was hard work. Most things we did were all on equipment and I was holding my own body weight, my abs were crying and my legs were trembling (this sounds so wrong) and then I realised how unfit I am. Although it seemed tough, it was so rewarding and I felt great afterwards. I can honestly say it was a workout that I generally enjoyed, which is very rare for me!


It’s important to note that, everything is adaptable to the person too, so you don’t have to be super fit or flexible and Karen is always on hand to guide you through everything. The equipment allows you to assist and aid for example upping the springs to decrease your body weight. The studio also has easy access and plenty of free parking.


Take Your Pick

“There are classes that take place on Pilates equipment, such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel and Chair, or there are also Mat-work based classes; meaning that you complete the class in a range of positions on a mat”.


The Technical Bit

“Pilates is a form of movement exercise that can help you to improve your well-being- whether it be overcoming an injury, discomfort or to generally improving your health and fitness potential. With focus and understanding your movements more clearly, you can achieve great things; Pilates can assist in giving you a unique understanding about your own body’s movement (this is called proprioception)”.


Equipment Classes

“Equipment classes are all about working with resistance with specialist pilates equipment, we have 3 Reformers, 3 Half Cadillacs and 3 Chairs. It’s good for improving performance, improving general strength, for rehabilitation and anyone who is Hyper-mobile. I also take 3 in a group for these classes”.


Balance Classes

“Come and join my nana she is 91! This is a wonderful exercise class if you have had recent surgery and is designed to assist you in getting back to undertaking every-day tasks with confidence. Or for those who simply want to learn to stay up and not fall down”.


Corporate Bookings

“We can offer creative inset days and team building activities for companies. Even lunchtime express classes are available. Weekly or monthly classes are available (12 max per session) or at the studio on Terry Dicken Business Park (7 max per session)”.


So if you want to raise your workout from the ordinary to extraordinary NY Studio can be found at:


Unit 21 Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Station Road, Stokesley TS9 7AE




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