Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Home Fix Computers


This week, I met Steven Booth, of Home Fix Computers. Definitely not a stereotypical ‘geek’ from the computer industry. Steven doesn’t have a beard nor wear glasses and definitely doesn’t have a checked shirt. Which is what I was expecting. That is so stereotypical isn’t it, sorry. No offence to those characters but we can all imagine them, can’t we? 

Home Fix Computers are the people you need for all your business technology requirements. From Office 365 exchanges, computer repairs, VoIP, to cloud technology there’s nothing Home Fix can’t fix, pardon the pun. Steven has over a decade of experience and his team are always up for a challenge (such as gatecrashing the BRIT Awards but we’ll let Steven talk about that later).

After meeting at their HQ on the Terry Dicken Business Park I got to know more, here’s what I found out:


We thrive locally

“For us, our business thrives on this park. Being on the Terry Dicken Business Park really gives us the foot in the door for businesses in the area. We love that tenants use us and we also use them.  It’s a win-win situation”. 


The police turned up 

“We had outgrown our other premises on the park so we moved to a shiny new building on Roseberry Court. Business was booming and we just needed more space. On the day of move in, we stayed late to help set up our new digs and were shocked to receive a visit from the police. The loud banging on the door was because they thought someone was breaking in! I feel like that could only happen to us”.


Customer Satisfaction is everything 

“Our customers are everything to us and we really pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction. We’re really proud of our high customer retention rate”. 


We’re bored, let’s go to the BRITS

“ This one is actually a funny one. So, we attended a VoIP telecom training day in London. After getting locked in the train toilet on the way down and being rescued by a lovely, heroic old woman, I thought, ‘this day is going to be eventful’. 

Sure was, we had a few beers, got bored and hit the underground. (This is after the training day, by the way, we are 100% committed to our staff development). Suddenly someone mentioned it was the BRIT awards that night. So what did we do? Tried to get in! Amazingly, we got inside the dome but shockingly they wouldn’t let us into the arena area. There’s always next year!”


Personality is our foundation

“At Home Fix Computers our business is built on personality and friendliness, we wouldn’t be Home Fix without it”. 


Security is important 

“We’re really trying to expand our work and introduce new technology systems for businesses, not forgetting our continuous drive to work on improving security and data”.

If VoIP, cloud technology and 365 exchanges baffle you, or you need directions to the BRIT awards, then contact Steven at Home Fix Computers. 

Home Fix Computers can be found at:

Unit 1, Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park Stokesley, TS9 5QT.



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