Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Dustin Cleaning


Dustin offer expert cleaning services for homes and a variety of commercial workspaces in the Stokesley and surrounding areas.

We last met them in Nov 2020 at the start of their journey. Four years later, Founder and Director Nicola Heaviside updates us on what’s changed since then.


Exciting new chapter

“We last spoke just as the company was launched.” Nicola said. “Originally operated as a partnership, as of this week, Dustin is 100% owned by myself. It’s an exciting new chapter for Dustin, our team and customers. Over the last few months I’ve been implementing changes to our environment, practices and services to ensure that both our staff and customers feel valued. Taking on board feedback from both customers and our team. I’m now confident that we can deliver our shared vision of being the cleaning company with the best reputation.”


With fantastic support from family and friends and to help Dustin with its new start, Nicola introduced Dustin’s new Service Co-ordinator, Samantha.


Fresh ideas & enthusiasm

“I knew I’d need help running the business once I took over complete ownership,”  explained Nicola. “Fresh ideas and enthusiasm were a must alongside teamwork and good communication skills. My background as an onboard manager for Virgin Atlantic means that I have high standards and a strong work ethic. Samantha was senior cabin crew with the same airline and together we have a combined experience of over 30 years. With a similar skillset and the same high standards, Samantha joined us 3 months ago and she hit the ground running!”


Feedback & recognition

Sam added “Being a people person helps. But also being approachable and knowing how to communicate is really important when working with a team. Everyone here has been very welcoming. Getting involved in staff development and feedback is very rewarding. Dustin did have an ‘Employee of the Month’ scheme but it was never consistent. I’m responsible for making it a priority every month so that the team feel valued. In addition to the recognition, each recipient gets to choose a goodie bag purchased from local businesses as a thank you.”


With a team of 20 cleaning staff working in different locations, how do Nicola and Samantha keep motivation high?


Staff development

“We recognised that the team enjoyed spending time with colleagues in the office between jobs, so we created a communal area,” Samantha explained.  “With a comfy sofa, coffee machine, and snacks, they can now take proper breaks. New uniforms are on the way too. We regularly communicate with clients to get feedback. Our talented team deserves to hear the praise from customers, so we display the comments on the notice board. We also schedule regular meetings with our team to gather their opinions on how we can improve our cleaning services. All of this helps staff feel valued, and both Nicola and I are very grateful for the pride everyone takes in their work.”


Revamped cleaning services

“In the next year, instead of striving for growth, we’ll focus on managing our current clients and providing the best service possible,” Nicola said. “I personally visit each new customer and create a tailor-made care plan to fit their requirements. This ensures that if their regular cleaner is on holiday, the customer won’t notice a difference in the standard of service they receive.”


Adding value

“Nicola explained, “Although our commercial cleans are predominantly on Stokesley Business Park we do have a number of businesses in and around the Stokesley area.  Most of the team start around 5am so clients can expect a pristine office environment ready for when their staff start work. By way of a thank you to our commercial clients, their employees also benefit from a 10% discount on domestic cleaning. Our domestic cleaning team cover a ten mile radius of the business park.”


Dustin have been on the Terry Dicken Business Park for over 4 years. What does Nicola like about it?


Amazing landlords

“Sue and Mark are amazing you couldn’t ask for better landlords. Our unit feels like it’s our own but if we need anything they’re never far away. As a business owner, their advice is always very helpful. Our team are often working very early in the day and we feel very safe here. The park is very dog friendly. It’s also very easy to take in the scenery. We’re only a few steps away from a quick walk around the river. Seeing the greenery and the hills is so good for your wellbeing on a busy day.”


Business community

“I feel very lucky to be part of this community, said Nicola. “Apart from the fact that many of the tenants here are our customers, we also use many business services as there is such a great variety.”


If you like the sound of working on the Terry Dicken Business Park then talk to Dustin as they’re on the look out for reliable cleaners.


Hardworking early risers wanted!

“We’d really like to hear from reliable, hard working, and trustworthy cleaners interested in working early mornings. The ability to work alone whilst still being a team player is essential.”


If this sounds like you, or you’d like to find out more about Dustin’s cleaning services, they can be found at
1 Pulrose House, 14 Ellerbeck Way, Terry Dicken Business Park Stokesley, Middlesbrough TS9 5JZ. (In the same building as Nationaal Gallery)

Visit Dustin’s website www.dustin.cleaning or drop them an email at hello@dustin.cleaning

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