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Catch Designs


Catch Designs is a small design and marketing consultancy providing social media training strategy and support. Alongside content writing and marketing consultancy services.


We last caught up with owner Sue Thompson back in Dec 2020. Let’s find out what she’s been up to since then.


Expert social media training

“A lot has changed since we last spoke!” Said Sue. “In particular, I’ve really developed the training side of my business. Recently completing a contract with the York and North Yorkshire Growth Hub. This gave me the opportunity to work with 65 businesses within North Yorkshire, providing one-to-one digital training and support. Essentially I was helping micro businesses, awarding them the necessary knowledge and tools to make social media part of their marketing activities. By providing a bespoke map of what they could look at for their specific business. Sessions were held either at my office in Stokesley, at their own workplace or via Zoom.”


What did that entail?


Supporting diverse organisations

“Each client was granted 6 hours social media training in total, tailored to their business. It was such an enjoyable contract to work on with a variety of business types. For example, working with virtual assistants and cake makers right through to businesses that offered natural burial grounds, craft ale beers, and home clearance organisers. It was fantastic to meet so many lovely people and so many diverse businesses. Although it might not seem like it from that list, there are commonalities across all. Many of the opportunities and learnings can be of a similar nature and I use my experience to fine tune to the specific needs of each business. Despite the contract now coming to an end, I am looking forward to further opportunities working together this year.”


Making an informed choice

“In addition to the 1-2-1 digital training & support work, I’m also contracted as a guest speaker on the ‘Immediate Impact Digital Bootcamp’ from Enterprise Made Simple. This 8 day course is delivered to attendees within North Yorkshire and the Tees Valley. Predominately focussing on analysing your business in order to put the right things in place for it to grow. Social media training is delivered over a two-day period. Essentially I’m sharing information about what platforms are available so that delegates can make an informed choice on what’s right for their business. No two cohorts are the same. Some days I could be in a room with 7 people, other times 27 people! What’s also great is that these courses attract funding so it’s really cost effective for a small business to attend.”


Social media audit

“Catch Design’s social media training offer has grown massively and I really enjoy that. Seeing other businesses undergo my training, then take the reins themselves for the management of their own social media, gives me great pleasure. However I still do offer other services such as social media management, website design and marketing consultancy. A great starting point for working with small organisations is a social media audit. This is where I assess all of their digital output then produce a detailed report suggesting improvements, including the quick wins! From there I can tailor any additional support that may be required.”


What other support is available?


Aiding access to funding

“There have been a lot of grants and other funding opportunities available through North Yorkshire Council. You’ll often find me helping businesses to access those grants. Previously, things like website development or social media training has attracted funding. As I work quite closely with the Council, I hear about what funding pots become available and try to help businesses secure funding by supporting them with quotes to support their application.”


There’s clearly a lot going on for Sue. Let’s hear about what she enjoys the most.


Coming of age

“It’s 18 years this month since I set up Catch Designs! Clearly, I enjoy the interaction with people and especially the local business community. Getting pleasure from seeing businesses succeed. I enjoy working for myself and having the ability to work flexibly has been so important over the years with a growing family. That’s also given me a really good understanding of the challenges other small business owners face. When I started working in social media the only platforms available were Twitter and Facebook. There are now a total of 14 social media platforms reporting at least half a billion active users worldwide and AI is shaping the future of them all.”


Who knew?!

To close I asked Sue if she would recommend any other tenants on the business park.


Working together

HFC Systems are my email partners, we work together a lot and have a great relationship. I’d definitely recommend them. Additionally, I must mention Mark & Sue Dicken. They have always helped promote Catch Designs and are also excellent supporters of Thirsty Thursday, the local informal business networking that I regularly host in Stokesley.”


In return, tenants on the Terry Dicken Business Park booking a social media audit will receive a special discount. Contact Sue for further details.

Catch Designs can be found at office 19, Unit 2 Roseberry Court, Ellerbeck Way, Terry Dicken Business Park, TS9 5QT

Email Sue at sue@catchdesigns.co.uk

Visit the website or follow Catch Designs on social media;




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