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Cherry Training


Cherry Training source, & provide bespoke care training, nationwide. Specialising in delivering complex health and social care training within your home or workplace.


I met with husband and wife director duo, David & Anne-Marie Mason, to find out more.


Bespoke requirements

Anne-Marie explained “ We work with people with complex healthcare needs offering training in their own homes. Usually the client will have a physical disability or perhaps a learning disability which means they need appropriate care at home. For example, to avoid causing further harm, a client with a spinal injury requires a carer qualified in the proper techniques for moving, handling, and providing care. Once we understand the clients individual needs, we then source the appropriate training for them and their care provider or personal assistant (PA).

David added “Additionally, some of the courses we offer are transferable to other industries, such as first aid or fire safety training. These types of courses can be delivered to organisations within the workplace as well as to carers within a home setting.”


Enriching lives

“Essentially we’re a training broker.” Said Anne-Marie. “Sourcing bespoke training from different providers. Like a travel agent but think training rather than destinations! Although we aim to help clients enrich and better their lives so the similarities are there. Focussing mainly on clients with complex healthcare needs, we are most commonly commissioned via two avenues, directly from clients who employ their own carers or from NHS/ Local Authority Commissioners.”


Specialist subjects

“Alongside the typical moving and handling and first aid training that you might expect we also source very specialist courses. Such as defensive driver training. Take the example of a PA that might have to use a big people carrier to transport their client. The PA might be 18 and have only ever driven a Fiat 500! So we source training for all scenarios. All of our courses are listed on our website but if there’s something that you don’t see there it doesn’t mean we can’t help.”


Let’s hear more from Anne-Marie on how Cherry Training came to be.


Unique support needs

“I worked as a social worker for a number of years. Following that, I started a company to provide information, advice and support to people with impairments. ‘Health Your Way’ helps people manage their own care and support through the use of personal health budgets and personal budgets. Working closely with individuals to identify their unique support needs. This meant often having to source good quality training.”


Joining forces

“During that period I was working as a Property Manager in Northwich, Cheshire.” Said David. “I’d moved jobs and, shortly after my new employer was bought out. I wasn’t enjoying the culture and felt like the company had lost its spark. Anne-Marie was managing Health Your Way and I could see the need for specialist training evolving. Additionally, with Ann Marie working from home, I saw the challenge she was facing managing a growing business and its increasing amount of manual administration. So in 2019 we decided to join forces and Cherry Training was born!”


Information is power

“Using my previous experience as a teacher and my skills as a property manager, the first thing I did was introduce a customer relationship manager system (CRM). This enabled the business to grow efficiently. Shortly after, Karen and Andrea joined us. Both have very strong customer service backgrounds which helps massively as we are often dealing with families in highly stressful situations. The CRM is the centre stone. Now, each time we chat with a client we know exactly what’s going on as all of their information is at our fingertips. This means we can respond quickly and efficiently. Most clients have a personal health budget or direct payment and come to us for convenience as everything is under one roof. Being able to refer clients directly from Health Your Way to Cherry Training makes their lives so much easier.”


Moving north

“The move to Stokesley was driven by our need to be closer to family.” Said Anne-Marie. “We made the move in 2022, firstly sharing a co-working space in Middlesbrough, then moving to an office in Stokesley High Street. My Aunt Louise works at Roseberry Accountancy and had mentioned how great the Terry Dicken Business Park was. We decide to pop along to Stokesley’s informal business networking group, Thirsty Thursday and met Mark & Sue Dicken. They showed us a couple of offices and we chose Navigation House as our new home! Mark was very supportive and helpful with our move. We still have two team members based in Northwich, Cheshire and in April we welcomed Milly to the Stokesley team. It’s fantastic to have the choice to walk or drive into the office!”


Let’s hear more from Anne-Marie about new opportunities for clients with complex care needs.


Stress free application

“Skills for Care deliver workforce development support for adult social care in England. Recently launching ‘Individual Employer Funding’* for people who source their own carers. Self employed carers can also benefit. This funding covers more bespoke training than the standard NHS care fund does. Such as defensive driver training. It’s great for us as we can now potentially offer more variety, for free. Help with the paperwork is available as standard to help ease our clients stress.”

“We also offer a range of e-learning courses suitable for a range of individuals.” Said David. “These have been bundled together in a special offer so clients can now pick any 7 courses for just £99. Our website is about to get a make over. Payment functionality for our e-learning courses will be added shortly alongside more course information.”


So if you’re an individual looking to enrich and better your life or your PA’s than Cherry Training can be found at Office 4, Navigation House 16 Ellerbeck Way, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley, TS9 5JZ

See the full course list on the website or visit their Facebook page


*Individual Employer Funding
As an individual employer you can apply for individual employer funding to train yourself and your personal assistants (PAs).
This funding can be used to cover training costs to develop your skills as an employer, direct costs of completing training/qualifications, hiring replacement support whilst your usual PA is attending training courses and travel. Funding is subject to eligibility criteria, which can be checked here 

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