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Nicola Jane are the UK’s leading mastectomy and post-surgery bra and swimwear retailer.

We first met Sue Cooper, Nicola Jane’s North East Breast Care Specialist, at the start of 2023. This week, Sue shares all about the launch of the new 2024 swimwear range.


Over to Sue.


Comfortable and private

“Since opening last year we’d had many repeat customers and have also welcomed lots of new customers.” explained Sue. “The catalogue based marketing campaign in January was very successful. Subsequently, both our footfall and appointments have increased. Many customers say what a good choice moving here was. Highlighting privacy as paramount to their experience. In contrast to a traditional retail environment, our service is very one-to-one. The fitting studio is comfortable and private. Sensitive conversations cannot be overheard and no-one can wander in during an appointment. Customers in wheelchairs find it very accommodating, especially with having access to an accessible toilet.”


Advice and guidance

“When you visit our fitting studio you are under no obligation to make a purchase. I’m here to give advice and guidance and to ensure that our customers go away feeling confident. 20 years ago when I started in this industry ladies had very little choice. But I’m pleased to say that breast forms have come a long way! No two surgeries are the same. Treatment, recovery and scarring is completely unique to the individual. Thankfully there are now so many more options to choose from. You can find breast forms for every type of surgery and to fit every shape and lifestyle.”


Swim, sand & sea

“For example, if you use breast forms, you may consider getting a swim form, which is like a conventional breast form but much lighter. Some breast forms are not chlorine resistant and the manufacturer’s advice is usually to avoid use in chlorine. Equally you don’t want to put a damp breast form into a dry bra! Swim forms are designed to give a natural look whilst being comfortable. Some types are hollowed out at the back so that the water can easily drain out. Others are made with beads. Water drains through the beaded swim forms and dries faster. They are also designed to naturally disperse and give a nice shape when laying down so perfect for sunbathing! Most swim forms also come with discreet travel bags.”


So you’ve chosen your perfect swim form, now you need to create your coastal chic!


Fashionable, colourful, for all ages

“I’ve always loved selling swimwear and every year Nicola Jane launch a new collection. I love the attention to detail in our designs. The patterns are created so that the eye travels away from areas that customers may feel self conscious about. Our swimwear is also sustainable. It’s made from Repreve fabric – a material created using recyclable fibres made from plastic bottles. Garments are long lasting with much more variety of colour and a range of styles.”


Meeting individual needs

“We have swimsuits, bikinis, tankini’s and swim dresses. You can choose from animal prints that look wonderful on. Or fluid patterns designed so your eye doesn’t focus in. In addition to florals, block colour with tummy control and styles with flattering ruching. So whether you’re a sporty pool swimmer or an ocean dipper there’s something for everyone in our new range. To illustrate, a young Mum might prefer something fun and sculptured. Whereas a lady who has had quite radical surgery might feel much more comfortable in a high neck suit that gives more coverage and improves confidence. All of our swimwear have built in support with pockets to both sides to accommodate a swim form.”


Building confidence

“Nicola Jane work hard to develop products that help people who may be self conscious. Creating versatility with the customer in mind. Some swimwear has adjustable straps so the neckline can be altered. Sporty swimwear can be quite high necked which can really helpful if you have young children grabbing onto it. Our tankinis can double as sun tops with interchangeable straps.”


So how does it work?


Personal service

“Simply book an appointment with me through the website or by calling customer services. Each appointment is a personal one-to-one service. We’ll complete a survey to understand both the type of surgery and the customer’s lifestyle. This is to identify the most suitable garment. It’s a fitting service, so any items purchased will be ordered during the appointment and posted out from the Nicola Jane head office. For anyone with a holiday coming up, it’s advisable to come in at least 2 weeks prior to your departure to ensure your items arrive in time.”


As always, to conclude I asked if Sue would recommend the Terry Dicken Business Park.


Great facilities

“I’d absolutely recommend it, especially as a lone worker.  The facilities are great and everything here is secure and monitored. It’s very safe, especially for a women working by herself. The neighbours are very friendly. If a customer ever gets lost, there’s always someone around to help them. The landlords are very forthcoming. Nothing is too much trouble. What I do is quite unique but they have fully accommodated my business. They are also very proactive in promoting their tenants. At the Thirsty Thursday networking event recently, I mentioned the new swimwear range and within days I’m here taking to you about it!”


Nicola Jane’s Stokesley Fitting Studio is at Room 6, 2 Roseberry Court, Ellerbeck Way, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley TS9 5QT

Visit their website to make an appointment

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