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Erimus Stoves


Erimus Stoves specialise in multi-fuel and wood burning stoves, as well as gas fires, gas stoves, and electric fires.


Firstly, let me set the scene. It was a balmy 1 degree in Stokesley on a murky mid-week morning when I popped into see Erimus Stoves. Despite being in my brand new ‘Christmas coat’ that largely resembles a snug sleeping bag, I was cold. Bitterly cold. The arduous 2 minute walk from Roseberry Court to Ellerbeck Way was made all the more unpleasant by the shivery snow that had just started falling. 


A warm welcome in more ways than one

Feeling suitably chilly I entered Erimus Stoves. Paul and Catherine, a smily, friendly husband and wife team invited me in. Sensing my need for warmth, Catherine swiftly gave up her seat next to a smouldering wood burning stove that was humbly heating the whole unit. I felt instantly warm and very welcome. What’s more, if you could pick the perfect climate to go shopping for a new heating appliance, that was it! 


Let’s now hand over to Paul and hear all about Erimus Stoves.


Learning new skills

“Previously I ran a plastering business making ornate fireplaces that burned solid fuel.” Said Paul. “I gained skills and experience from many years in the building trade. Lacking the heating experience and wanting to diversify, I went back to school again! At that time there was a business on the park fitting stoves. When they packed up, we moved in and 7 years on we haven’t looked back!”


Quality and safety assured

“Erimus is a family run business. Our daughter, Catherine also works with us and we have a couple of local Stokesley lads that help with the installations. Being HETAS registered means that we are able to ensure customers that their installations are safe and compliant with relevant building regulations. This is because HETAS is the only competent person scheme specialising in the installation of solid fuel and biomass appliances.”


From classic to contemporary

“You’ll find around 40 stoves and appliances on display here. Mainly multi-fuel and wood burning stoves but we also do gas and electric too, along with media walls. Media walls with fireplaces are gaining popularity in UK homes as they look incredible. Furthermore they’re practical, seamlessly combining a flatscreen TV and an electric fireplace into one eye-catching feature. With all our installations we offer a full service, running the whole job from start to finish. Even lighting the stove before we leave!”


Economically designed

“There’s certainly something for every type of home here. Doesn’t matter if you have a period Georgian terrace or a brand new new-build starter home. For instance, you don’t even have to have a chimney to have a wood burning stove! An external flue will do. Therefore, any house can have one. Wood burning is really popular at the moment as it’s an economical option. By comparison with the old ‘proper fuels’ so much heat was lost up the chimney. That’s just not the case now with modern design.” 


Keeping it local

“There’s no hard sell here. We prefer to show customers the art of the possible then let them ponder over a brochure at home. 90% of our work comes from recommendations and it’s this approach that works. The majority of our work is from the local area and we like to keep all aspects of our business local. All our stoves are British made, with some manufactured in the North East and Yorkshire. Our roofer is from Stokesley and we always recommend log suppliers in Great Ayton or Guisborough.” 


Secrets of the trade

I love meeting a tenant that shares helpful tips and Paul & Catherine did not disappoint! Hands up who’s ever had trouble making (or rather sustaining) a good fire? Me too, so I was delighted to hear these top tips from Catherine.

No wet wood

“Invest in a moisture tester for the logs. A simple device that can be picked up online for around £25 will tell you the amount of moisture in each log. Over 18% – don’t burn! Leave it to dry out first. Consequently, burning logs with too much moisture in them will turn the glass in your wood burning stoves black.”

Play Jenga with your kindling

“Stack your kindling in a Jenga shape. For example, the kindling is placed in alternating layers with your tinder tucked in the bottom, logs on top. The airflow is vigorous and, as the wood burns down, it should roll into the fire ensuring a continuous and lively burn.”

Clean that glass

“Afterwards, if the glass in your wood burning stove is starting to look like a blackboard then you need ‘the pink stuff’ to keep it clean. Advertised as the ‘Miracle Cleaner’ it has a natural formulation which has been developed to provide high performance without the need for harsh chemicals. Most importantly, it’s cheap!”


Great info! Sadly I had to wrap things up and head on back out into the cold. To sum up, I asked Paul and Catherine if they would recommend the Terry Dicken Business Park. Here’s what Paul said.


Full of great people

“Absolutely yes, I highly recommend the park. Above all, for the way that it is run. It’s clean and tidy and full of great people. We use Platinum Motors and Clevedale Vets quite often.”


On the subject of vets would you like to know a fun fact? Catherine is an award winning breeder of Championship Bulldogs!  A regular Crufts winner, Erimus is actually the kennel name for their championship bulldogs. 

So if you’re looking to make upgrades to your heating or you’d like to see the many Crufts rosettes on display, Erimus Stoves can be found at 13 Ellerbeck Way, Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Stokesley, TS9 5JZ

Call 07805 4443454 email erimusstoves@yahoo.com or visit their Facebook page or instagram page for more information.

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