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AWB Performance Ltd


AWB Performance strives to supply the best quality aftermarket and genuine parts for Vauxhall drivers.

Owner Adam explains all.


Need for speed

“AWB Performance specialise in supplying aftermarket and genuine parts for Vauxhalls.” Said Adam. “We sell both after market performance parts and genuine Vauxhall parts. The majority of our customers are interested in modifying their vehicles with the intent to make them go faster.”


So, how did Adam find his way here?


The starting line

“After leaving University I worked in a variety of garages. Having a solid interest in cars, specifically track cars and motorsport, my curiosity was piqued sufficiently to learn more about improving performance. Unfortunately, after 5 years in the trade I was made redundant. Basically, that was the catalyst I needed to go out and start my own business.”


Staying on track

“As a result in 2021, with very little money I started AWB Performance. Firstly, contacting suppliers was the imperative and, after a lot of hard work, I was able to start drop shipping. Initially working from home for the first year, I soon built up stock. As many customers returned, I realised that to effectively grow the business I needed to find premises.”


How did Adam find the Terry Dicken Business Park?


Moving up the grid

“Living in Skelton, it made sense to find premises close to home. However I found that many of the places nearby wouldn’t accept businesses in the motor trade. Additionally, the ones that did were not very clean or tidy. For me, being on a clean, presentable business park sets a good example. As a result, I moved to the very well presented Terry Dicken Business Park in September! I’ve only been here a short time but it’s obviously a very friendly place. For example, my neighbour NY Studio has been very welcoming. I’m looking forward to meeting more of the tenants, specifically Platinum Motors and Big Fish Garage who operate in the same industry.”


That’s what we like, a bit of business park networking!

Back to Adam, let’s find out more about the ideal AWB Performance customer.


Making the undercut

“We deal with Vauxhall owners of all ages, from 18 years onwards. Particularly owners of the older Astra’s marques 4 & 5. Most customers buy a mixture of aftermarket and genuine parts. These customers want the underside of the car to be nice and protected. There’s a high demand for genuine Vauxhall bolts to go alongside the after market performance parts and that’s where we can help. We’ve just confirmed Vauxhall as a supplier so we’re in a really good position to save people money vs main dealer pricing on the majority of parts. Ask us for a quote.”


In the points

“At present, the unit is perfect for managing storage and distribution as the business grows. As I build up more stock, my long term goal is to open a trade counter for Vauxhall parts. Items like exhaust systems can take a while to arrive so I’m currently managing customer expectations. We’re already seeing a high volume of repeat customers. Competitive pricing and good customer service keeps them coming back to us.”


How should prospective customers get in touch?


In the works

“In summary, I’m currently offering a more personalised service. Customers should drop me an email explaining what they require. I’ll do my research and produce a quote. Depending on the product, this is usually within 2 weeks. This process allows me to keep my prices very competitive. At present I’m primarily dealing with aftermarket and genuine parts for Vauxhall cars. Ultimately, I plan to introduce more performance parts in the future so it’s worth getting in touch for a quote.”


If you need aftermarket and genuine parts for Vauxhall cars or any other performance parts,  AWB Performance Ltd can be contacted at enquiries@awbperformance.com

Or visit their Instagram and Facebook pages for more detail

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