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Step into Elegance: New Kitchen Showroom from Terry Dicken


Welcome to a world of possibilities, where style meets functionality and innovation blends seamlessly with design. Terry Dicken’s brand-new kitchen showroom awaits you. Whether you’re a seasoned chef, or simply someone who appreciates the heart of every home, the new showroom is a destination that will leave you inspired and captivated!

The team at Terry Dicken explain how aesthetics, technology, and craftsmanship converge to create the kitchen of your dreams.


An immersive kitchen experience: Where innovation meets imagination

“At Terry Dicken, we’ve taken the concept of a working kitchen space to a whole new level.” Said Kitchens Manager Tim. “Phase one of our showroom refurbishment is complete and it’s not just a place to browse appliances! Enjoy an immersive experience and witness cutting-edge tools in action. For instance, picture yourself savouring a freshly brewed coffee from our flashy built-in Neff coffee machine. Explore the world of mixology by opening the doors to your very own home bar. Test out our vented extractor hob: a sleek and innovative addition to your kitchen that ensures both functionality and style.”


A stress-free journey: Where your dream kitchen becomes a reality

“We like to think that a visit to our new kitchen showroom is a refreshing departure from the typical high-pressure sales environment you might expect. At Terry Dicken, we’ve created a relaxed and welcoming space. As a result, you can explore without any obligation to make an immediate purchase. Our approach is rooted in collaboration and a genuine desire to understand your unique preferences. We will sit with you, listen to your ideas, and then translate them into a custom kitchen design that suits your taste and lifestyle. Browse through our portfolio of work. Draw inspiration from the kitchen transformations we’ve accomplished for other customers. Whether you’re seeking a sleek, contemporary look or a cosy, traditional feel, my job is to guide you through our impressive selection of options. Helping you create the perfect design with no rush, no pressure, and no compromises.”


So how does it work?


Four simple steps to your dream kitchen: From inspiration to reality

“To make this easy for you we’ve simplified the kitchen renovation process into four simple, stress-free steps. Our new showroom is a dynamic space. You can not only see, but truly experience the possibilities of a modern kitchen.  To clarify, here’s how it works.

Step 1 – Inspiration

Come and explore our showroom to see our newest kitchen design, appliances, and features up close. It’s a chance to gather ideas, ask questions, and see what excites you the most.

Step 2 – A home visit

We’ll visit your current space to evaluate its unique characteristics and discuss your specific needs in situ. Ensuring that your new kitchen will be a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Step 3 – Where the magic happens!

Return to the showroom, where we’ll present your customised kitchen design on our big-screen TV. Your vision comes to life and helps you visualise your dream kitchen in your own home. Don’t worry; there’s zero pressure here.

Step 4 – Over to you

Reflect. After that, make the decision that’s right for you. We’re here to guide you, not rush you. Above all, we’re here to ensure that your kitchen renovation journey is a pleasurable and well-considered experience from start to finish.”


Customising your dream kitchen: The art of personalisation

“Once you’ve made the exciting decision to move forward, the real fun begins – the finishing touches! When phase two of our showroom renovation is completed, you’ll be able to choose from an exquisite range of flooring options, luxurious worktops, top-of-the-line appliances, and those personal touches that truly reflect your unique personality. This is where your dream kitchen becomes uniquely yours. Your kitchen should not only be functional but a true reflection of your style, and with our extensive options, you’ll have the freedom to craft a space that’s as practical as it is uniquely you.”


Sound too good to be true? It really isn’t! Tim walked me through the whole process when we met and I would highly recommend a visit. The new showroom has the ‘wow’ factor and Tim instantly makes you feel at ease. No high pressure sales techniques, and the coffee is great too!

Let’s hear what Sue Dicken had to add.


Elevate your living space: Doors and windows to transform your home

“Let’s not forget, in addition to creating your dream kitchen, we offer a captivating range of internal and external doors, as well as an extensive selection of windows to further enhance your new space.” Said Sue. “Your kitchen is just one part of the puzzle in transforming your home, and our comprehensive collection of doors and windows provides the perfect opportunity to elevate every aspect of your living environment. Throughout January we have a special offer on selected composite doors. Call us for more details.”


Seize the moment: Your exclusive invite to the new kitchen showroom

Due to high demand, installations are already being booked into May. So, don’t wait any longer! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to browse, envision, and discuss your project with Tim in a relaxed, unhurried environment.

Contact Tim on 01642 710264 to book your visit to the new kitchen showroom.

Need some inspiration first? Browse the range of Kitchen brochures. Or visit the Terry Dicken website for more information.

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