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A Year in Review – 2023 on the Terry Dicken Business Park


Feature Friday is your biweekly rendezvous with the vibrant community at Terry Dicken Business Park. In each edition, we delve into the stories behind the diverse tenants that call this park home. Discover the origins of their businesses, unravel their unique selling points, and learn about their journey to becoming esteemed tenants. Our goal is to spotlight the rich tapestry of businesses here. In the hope that we foster growth for our tenants and cultivate an environment that encourages networking and collaboration across the entire business park.


A year of growth and innovation

As we bid farewell to 2023, we reflect on a year of growth and innovation at Terry Dicken Business Park. New faces have become integral to our dynamic community. This past year has seen the arrival of a diverse array of businesses, each bringing its unique strengths and contributions to our thriving ecosystem. From innovative startups to established enterprises, the addition of these new tenants has not only enriched our community but has also laid the groundwork for exciting collaborations. Therefore, let’s start with a recap of the newest members of the Terry Dicken Business Park family.


Our newcomers

Accessibility Bathrooms are an independent bathroom company with over ten years’ experience within the mobility market. If you’re thinking of adapting your home or have a relative considering a move to a care home these are the folk to chat to!

Nicola Jane are the UK’s leading mastectomy and post-surgery bra and swimwear retailer. 1-2-1 appointments are available in a comfortable, private space on Roseberry Court.

Repose Studio create unique, sustainable homeware pieces using clashing prints such as whimsical toiles and striking stripes. Influenced by colour, texture, print and eclectic style. These items make great gifts!

A19 are a family run building maintenance company. Services include cleaning, re-decorating, building repairs, pest control, garden clearing and maintenance.

Hungry Scarecrow is a nature-inspired food brand bringing honest, gluten-free, products to food lovers worldwide. The heralds of ‘Ancient Grain Goodness,’ champions of ‘Gluten Freedom,’ and committed to the essence of ‘Always Natural’ food.


Expansion and vibrancy

In the pulse of progress at Terry Dicken Business Park throughout the year, one notable rhythm stands out — the remarkable growth and vitality exhibited by some of our featured tenants. 2023 has witnessed an inspiring surge in development and expansion among these occupants, demonstrating the real-world success stories that define our community. In particular, this year’s narrative is one of growth, and we are excited to share the stories of these tenants.


Unveiling the faces behind the growth

Big Fish Garage specialise in vehicle tuning, repair services and diagnostics. Their growth saw the introduction of 2 workshop and dynometer technicians, Chris and Guy.

Bull Tankers provide waste management services. In April they welcomed a new Director. This led to the purchase of a new vehicle and the recruitment of two experienced drivers, Matthew and Jack.

Wentworth Security & Fire Protection operate an alarm installation service. This includes supply, installation and servicing of CCTV, fire and intruder alarms. Following the introduction of new fire protection services, their team expanded.

Stoney Creek Europe make clothing designed to maximise your experience outdoors. They needed bigger premises thanks to their expansion across the UK in rural and country sports shops.

North Yorkshire Physiotherapy are an independent physiotherapy practice treating all muscle and joint pain, neurological, and mobility problems. Increased demand resulted in the opening of another treatment room in their Stokesley practice. A new clinic in Northallerton swiftly followed.


Nurturing bright futures

We take pride in shining a spotlight on the impactful organisations dedicated to enhancing the confidence and well-being of our local young people. As pillars of support and empowerment, these organisations play a vital role in nurturing the potential of the next generation. Through mentorship, educational programs, and various initiatives, they contribute to the holistic development of our youth. Specifically, read the inspiring stories of these tenants, and the transformative impact they have on the lives of our community’s young minds.


The Caregivers: Champions of growth and support

The Red Shoes School of Dance is a dance studio promoting classes in ballet, jazz, theatrical, modern, contemporary, street dance and acrobatics. They’re working to help improve confidence levels in all their students particularly those suffering with the long term effects of lockdown.

Connect2Education are an interim bespoke education provider. Working with schools and local authorities supporting children who are out of mainstream education. They offer targeted academic support delivered by trained and experienced tutors and mentors.

Crash Bang Wallop are a Youth Theatre and Performing Arts Academy based in Stokesley. This not-for-profit organisation are helping young people to build confidence by giving them the chance to act, sing and dance in a range of performances and shows.


We wish we could spotlight every individual and business that contributes to the expansive canvas of the Terry Dicken Business Park! However, we invite you to explore the complete collection of stories from 2023 by following this link. Comparatively, each narrative is a testament to the rich variety of talents, innovations, and successes that collectively define the spirit of our thriving business community. Discover all of our community’s achievements and endeavours throughout the year, here.

In summary, if you’re a business seeking to thrive within a dynamic and supportive community, we invite you to explore the endless possibilities that await you at Terry Dicken Business Park. Furthermore, discover our hidden marketing benefits here.

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