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Noovo Creative


Noovo are a leading e-commerce agency for ambitious brands who want to maximise their online potential.

We last met them in Jun 2020, not long after they moved onto the park. Today, I’m chatting with Director, Rob Jones.

Let’s start with a bit of background.


Standing out from the crowd

“When I was at school the internet wasn’t even a thing yet.” Said Rob. “So digital wasn’t something you would choose as a career, because it didn’t exist! In 2000 my business partner Brian Holden and I started a design agency. It was very successful then e-commerce started to become more relevant. At that time, with a decade of experience under our belts, we’d become proficient in the world of e-commerce. It made complete sense to focus solely on that. We’re very successful e-commerce consultants with 20 years of experience. In our humble opinion, that’s something that no other agency between Newcastle and Leeds can match.”


So what does an e-commerce consultant actually do?


Elevating e-commerce potential

“Simply put, we work with new and existing businesses to help them sell more online. The majority of our clients are existing businesses who have already got an online presence but are not seeing the level of sales that they expect. That’s where we come in. It’s common for businesses to put a lot of effort into creating their website but then have very little time to properly maintain it. A website is a work in progress and is never finished. There will be something you can change or improve every day. Think of an online shop as a department store. You would walk the floors every day. Making sure they were clean and presentable. Stock would be replenished, the checkout areas brightly lit and easy to find. The principles are the same for an online store.”


Increasing turnover with a fresh perspective

“A successful website is a numbers game and it’s all about percentages and fine margins. We often meet client’s with websites that have been active for years, returning a significant amount but they are unable to tell you what the main headlines are. Therefore our first action is a website audit. We play the role of the customer. With a fresh perspective, we take that buying journey.
Our clients are busy people and it’s often difficult for them to see what’s under their noses. But, if we can find 100 things that make a tiny gain, we can have a significant effect on their sales. Increasing a clients conversion rate by just 1% can have a 50% increase on turnover.”


And who wouldn’t want that?!


Delighting the 5%

“Whilst we position ourselves as customers we use the mantra ‘don’t make me think’. Even the very best e-commerce sites lose around 95% of customers. Every website is entirely different. For example, improvements in copy will work wonders for some businesses. Others might benefit from new photography. We recently made a drastic improvement to a site’s conversion rate just by changing the colours of two basket icons!”


Your business in good hands

“Our move to the Terry Dicken Business Park just over 3 years ago was instrumental in us being able to offer our clients a full service. We have a professional photography studio upstairs where we produce stand-out fashion and product images. Alongside creating and managing a variety of websites, we also manage our client’s Google and email marketing. Things change fast in the world of digital and business owners need to spend on the important aspects of running their businesses. There’s just not enough bandwidth for them to keep up with digital trends. Our clients appreciate that they can rely on us to entirely run the online part of their business. Because of that, we’re often retained on a monthly or yearly basis and attend board meetings on their behalf.”


“We have never failed not to make a business more profitable.”

Rob Jones


Making businesses more profitable

“Most of our work is outside our local area. Mainly around Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and the M62 corridor. However, we’d love to hear from businesses around here. There are world class businesses in this region and we want them to know that they have absolute specialists on their own doorstep! It’s a stressful and difficult business so it’s really important that we get on with our clients. Often people are distressed when sales are not going to plan. We’ll happily sit down and have a chat to find out what their main concern is. Our biggest successes have been in the fashion industry. But that doesn’t mean that car exhausts or horse bits would be any different. Using our expertise, we aim to give customers the very best experience, and make them money!”


As always, to wrap up I asked Rob whether he would recommend the business park.


An amazing landlord

“100%. Mark has always been an amazing landlord. The property is what we’ve always wanted and it’s so easy to get in and out. There’s a really nice blend of complementary businesses here too. Platinum Motors and Stokesley Hand Car Wash help keep our cars roadworthy and presentable. Rooms supply our linen and do our washing and we’re always popping into Westbrook Cycles for something.”


If you’re a retail business looking to increase online sales and need an e-commerce consultant contact Noovo. They can be found at 12 Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park, Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley, TS9 5QT

Visit their website or contact them here

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