Reviving hearts: The Life-Saving Power of Defibrillators

Using a defibrillator promptly is a critical step in increasing the chances of survival for someone in cardiac arrest.  When used within the first few minutes of a cardiac emergency, the chances of survival can be as high as 50% or more.

Public access to defibrillators and the knowledge of how to use them are essential in saving lives during these emergency situations.


Empowering Our Community with Vital Defibrillator Access

Local business networking group, Thirsty Thursday has been providing small businesses FREE informal networking for nearly a decade in Stokesley. Their mission: providing useful business information and support as a free resource for organisations within Stokesley and the surrounding villages.

Four years ago it was identified that there were no public accessible defibrillators on Stokesley Business Park. The ones in place on the park were inside of businesses. Therefore only available to staff and not part of the Yorkshire Ambulance service roster.

So Thirsty Thursday working with the Springboard Centre, requested pledges from local businesses to raise money for one. Thanks to the generosity of the organisations here in Stokesley, two defibrillators were eventually installed on the business park. In addition, money raised then was sufficient to monitor and maintain these machines.


Until now.


Join Us in Raising Funds to Restart Hearts and Save Lives

Charity partner, Restarting Hearts who manage the kits have recently approached Thirsty Thursday regarding their urgent upkeep. Both machines require a full service, pad replacement and battery replacement. The estimated the cost of this is £1000 for the two machines.

On behalf of Restarting Hearts and Thirsty Thursday we kindly request your support in making a donation to help keep our community safe. However much our local businesses can contribute would be appreciated, no matter how big or small.


Donate here

If you wish to pledge a donation, please contact Thirsty Thursday organiser who will be able to contact you directly regarding your kind offer.


Photo left to right:  Mark Dicken, Sue Thompson, Derek Noble and Marie Banks

Credit: Dawn Mcnamara Photography

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