Discovering hidden marketing benefits


Earlier this year we looked at the benefits of being a tenant on the Terry Dicken Business Park. Among the stand-out points raised by our current tenants were;

Flexible Space
Easy Networking
Excellent Facilities
Customer Service
Great Location

In a similar fashion, this week we take a look at some of the often hidden marketing benefits.

Let’s hear all about it from Sue Dicken.


Elevate your business profile


“Being a small family run business based in Stokesley, we’re committed to ensuring that the organisations here succeed.” Sue explained. “For that reason, in 2018 we rebranded the business park and made a big investment in our digital channels. The Terry Dicken Business Park website was created, social media channels were updated and we launched our regular website blog ‘Feature Friday’. Our goal: to provide more opportunity for the tenants of the Terry Dicken Business Park to raise their profile.”

So what does each organisation have complimentary access to as part of their tenancy? Let’s find out!


28,000 reasons to get involved


“It’s true that adding inbound weblink’s to your website can increase your website traffic. But did you know it can also help improve your search engine optimisation? Moreover, having more and better backlinks than your competitors can give your business a competitive advantage. With that in mind our website has an area dedicated to the promotion of our tenants. Company logo’s stand out visually and are complemented with a website link. Resulting in greater brand visibility.”


From insights to impact


“Additionally, blogging is a fundamental part of content marketing. Sharing relevant content engages your audience. But for our tenants it can also help to generate new business and increase brand awareness. To that end our website blog ‘Feature Friday’ focusses on a different tenant each fortnight. We find out how they got started, what drives them, who their ideal customers are and what they are currently promoting. Since we launched ‘Feature Friday’ over 28,000 people have visited the Terry Dicken Business Park website.”


Customer engagement and growth


“Undeniably, email marketing remains a versatile and effective marketing channel for building relationships, driving sales and achieving various marketing goals. Over time, hundreds of people have subscribed to the business park news feed. These subscribers, along with every tenant on the park, will receive an email update when the ‘Feature Friday’ blog post is live. Unless they choose not to of course! As a result, our email campaigns consistently achieve above average email open rates and click throughs. In other words, we must be doing something right!”


Navigating the digital landscape


“Similarly, social media is a powerful tool for sharing news, updates and information in real time. Allowing individuals to connect with like-minded people and/or businesses. The Terry Dicken Business Park is active on 3 social media channels. Facebook, Linked-In and X (formally known as Twitter). Thus any tenant that has featured in the Feature Friday blog or who has posted a news item on the website will also be promoted across our social channels. Resulting in instant access to more than 1000 people to educate and engage with.”


Building trust, reputation and influence


“Public relations (PR) can be highly useful to businesses. PR helps shape and maintain a positive brand image and reputation. It involves how the public perceives your organisation which can influence trust and loyalty. For example, press releases showcasing new product launches, innovation, and expertise can create excitement and interest. Therefore there’s a stand alone news position on our website home page available to our tenants to showcase their unique selling points.”


“It just sings of care when you hear about landlords funding marketing activity for their tenants. It’s also good to see their own digital channels being utilised to create more opportunity for folk here on the business park.”
Vince Eckerman


Explore the multitude of advantages


“In summary, competitive rents, the friendly business community, loads of free parking and helpful landlords are just a fraction of our tenant benefits. The hidden marketing benefits; Press release promotion, featuring in the business park blog, social media publicity and website promotion are all at your fingertips – free of charge!”

For available space for rent, or to join our waiting list contact Mark on 01642 714744 or 07595 022160

For more information about how to maximise your presence on the Terry Dicken Business Park digital channels contact Vicki at


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