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Stoney Creek Europe


Stoney Creek Europe are on a mission: to maximise your experience outdoors. Whether you’re on the hunt, on the job, on the land or on the water, you need the best gear to support you. That’s where Stoney Creek come in.


I met with Tony Laughton, Stoney Creek’s European Manager. We last met Tony in Oct 2020 when he was very new to the role. Let’s find out what’s happened since then.


Where it started

“Back in 2020 in was just me. My challenge then was to get more retailers throughout the UK and Europe to stock the Stoney Creek range. Being a fan myself, I knew that if people could see the quality of the Stoney Creek products then it wouldn’t be long before more retailers would come on board. As well as having an office and a warehouse, we also created a showroom for retailers to visit here on the Terry Dicken Business Park.”


Where it’s going

“Fast forward to 2023 we‘re now a team of 6. Angela, Emma, Alan, Killian and Harrison look after all aspects of warehousing and sales, whilst I travel around the UK and Europe meeting clients. We have retailers of all shapes and and sizes. Sweden is the latest country to welcome Stoney Creek products and we’re about to launch in another European country in the next month.”


On the hunt

“In addition to growing our stockists, we’ve also expanded our range. For many years Stoney Creek products have been loved by hunters, farmers, gamekeepers, stalkers and shooters. This is because of our designs and reliability. Created for out in the environment by people who know what is needed to perform in the extreme elements. The result is purpose-built gear to get the job done in the conditions it was designed for.”


On the job

“We now have a wide range of items suitable for organisations with employees in a variety of outdoor settings. Our rural range is really popular with rural businesses and farmers across the UK and New Zealand. It’s ideal for ensuring that you maintain the right temperature, stay dry and visible at all times. Corporate items are also available. Versatility defines our range of polos, shirts and jackets that will keep your team looking smart whilst stying comfortable.”


And it’s not just about products for professional outdoor types. According to the UK Environment Agency, the average UK person plans to spend fourteen hours outdoors during a typical week over the summer.  To make the most of that time with the changing UK weather, you need the right gear!


Just for fun

“Market trends have shown us that outdoor apparel has gone from functional to fashion. Therefore we’ve created a lifestyle range to suit a broader spectrum of customers. You’ll find all sorts on our website. Everything from baby grows to backpacks to tents. We even stock items for your pooch! These are high quality, purpose built items for getting the most out of the great outdoors.”


On the park

“This year sees us moving to bigger premises on the Terry Dicken Business Park. Expansion across the UK in rural and country sports shops meant we needed more room. Mark and Sue are great landlords and have accommodated our growth. We’re very happy here and wanted to stay on the park. Our new unit means everything is now under one roof.”


Usually at this point in the proceedings I ask whether a tenant would recommend the park. But I think Tony has already demonstrated the answer with his move to new premises here. Tony mentioned that he supplies to Platinum Motors and Tyres and Big D’s BBQ as well as the Terry Dicken Business Park landlords, Mark and Sue Dicken. Let’s mix things up and ask if they would recommend the Stoney Creek products?


Paying it back

Sue Dicken said:
“Our youngest daughter, Kerry, works with horses seven days a week. Whilst the weather lately has been lovely and hot, come autumn and winter Kerry is outside in all the weather elements. Kerry has two coats and a pair of fleece lined leggings from Stoney Creek. The coats are waterproof and the fit allows for layering of clothes underneath to allow for the changes in temperature. In cold weather the fleece lined leggings help protect against chilblains which Kerry suffered with prior to using Stoney Creek’s leggings. Kerry herself says she wouldn’t be without the clothing and would recommend without hesitation.”

You really can’t say fairer than that!

To get in on the action, Stoney Creek Europe can be found at 18 Ellerbeck Way, Terry Dicken Business Park, Stokesley, TS9 5JZ

Visit their website

Call 01642 712211

Or check out their social media channels for more info – Facebook Instagram

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