Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Bull Tankers


Bull Tankers provide waste management services including septic/cess tank emptying, and sewage treatment plant desludging. Along with supply, service and installation of sewage treatment plants.

That may have put you off reading any further but please stay with me!

If the bull was your spirit animal then you’d most likely be, hard working, fearless, competitive, and driven. Matt’s story doesn’t stray too far from those characteristics. We first met Matt Tyrka, Director of Bull Tankers in March 2020 not long after the company had started. Fast forward 3 years and things are going great.



“Until Jan 2023, Bull Tankers was just me. Building the business from the ground up, I did all of the jobs myself, driving the tanker through the day and then fitting the vehicle maintenance and business admin in on evenings and weekends. Repeat customers are extremely important to our business. In addition to striving to secure new customers, this strategy has delivered organic growth year on year. Reaching the limit of my capacity, it became obvious that I needed to take on a second truck. I wasn’t able to be reactive enough and that wasn’t the service that I’d set out to give. When a customer calls with a problem, we need to be there, not book them in, a fortnight! So I needed to make a change.”


Brand new team

“Sometimes, life has a funny way of just working out. Whilst I was considering my next move, I discovered that a valued industry contact was seeking to come out of retirement. Neal Waters, the previous owner of Waters Waste, was looking to come back into the industry after an extended absence. In the business for over 30 years, Neal’s experience is invaluable. We formally welcomed Neal as a Director at Bull Tankers in April. This exciting development led to the purchase of a new vehicle and the recruitment of two experienced drivers, Matthew and Jack.”


Family business at heart

“Life is very different now, and I’m really enjoying this new phase of Bull Tankers. I’m mainly office based, focussing on creating a better service for our customers. That includes learning from Neal how to run a larger business, but without losing the family run, local business ethos that has gotten the company where it is today. We’re not looking to take over the world. We want customers to be able to call, speak to a person and get great service. If Matthew and Jack have had a busy day, left for home and the phone rings, I’ll still jump in the truck and get the job done. And I know the business is in safe hands when I’m away.”


High standards

“Like many businesses, we’ve seen costs rocket in the last 2 years. Diesel prices have been hard to manage and waste disposal costs have risen by 10%. But where possible, we’ve managed to swallow those increases. Our focus is on maintaining the business in the long term. Image is very important to us. We’re very proud of how good our trucks look. They’ve each had a makeover so that the Bull is visible and we like to keep them clean and looking sharp. We show up when we say we are going to and always do the job to the highest standard, in a professional manner. If we can do all of those things then we have achieved our goal. I believe, if you are going to do something then you’ve got to do it right!”


Growth plans

“Feedback from customers has been great. So many people are commenting how friendly and professional Matthew and Jack are. Impressed with their willingness to help. This is really important as we’re looking to grow further, with a new tanker on the way in the new year.”


So much flexibility

“Choosing the Terry Dicken Business Park was the best decision. We mainly work rurally and its perfectly positioned for the Moors & the Dales. As we grow, the location makes it easy to go further afield. Mark is a great landlord and the park offers so much flexibility. We’ve already increased our space once and will likely need more in the future. Fellow tenants, Direct Business Supplies have also been a huge help to us. We were using a few different suppliers for things like workwear, stationary and printing which took time to manage. Direct Business Supplies can provide all of this whilst remaining very competitive on price and are really helpful. We now use them for most things from postcards, business cards to embroidery, workwear, and PPE.”


Bull Tankers serve commercial and domestic customers throughout Yorkshire and the North East.
They can be contacted on 01642 710250, via email or through their website. Or check our their Instagram page. Which could easily be mistaken for the Yorkshire tourist board feed with its wonderful scenic images!


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