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Repose Studio


Repose Studio create unique, sustainable homeware pieces using clashing prints such as whimsical toiles and striking stripes. Influenced by colour, texture, print and eclectic style.


If, like me, your Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards are full of gorgeous inspirational homes, then you’ll enjoy this one!
Meet Rose, founder of Repose Studio.


Sustainable homeware

“I make bespoke cushions using vintage and dead stock fabrics (any leftover fabric that can’t be used for its original purpose or order fulfilment anymore). Designer fabrics usually get sold for up to £200 per metre. Often when they are printed, slight defects such as minor discolouration occur. This becomes dead stock and gets sold through other channels along with vintage fabrics. Sourcing most of my stock in this sustainable way, I then repurpose to make unique, limited edition cushions.”


Accidental design

“Repose Studio happened by accident. After studying Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art & Design, I freelanced in the live music touring industry. Following that, I spent 2 years in New York producing sets & shows for world leading fashion brands. When the pandemic decimated the  events industry, without work, I spent lockdown at home with my family. Like many people then, I was looking for something to occupy my time. A family friend who collects  interesting things gave me my first batch of fabric. Cushions were lovingly made and for fun, put on Instagram. Someone requested to purchase, so I made more. Suddenly, orders came in from friends and family and I needed to source more fabric. The business slowly developed from there.”


With a little help from my friends (and family)

“Starting out at the outhouse at home was great then a friend had an empty barn that they let me use. Their kindness was repaid in home cooked meals! After that first year of ‘couch surfing’ it felt like the time was right to get an official place. During my teenage years I worked on the business park at my Mums catering business. So I knew it well. My studio here is a nice space to be in, is good value for money and everyone here is really easy to deal with.”


The world has woken up to the fact that fast fashion is terrible for the environment. Seemingly, textile waste has a big part to play in this too. Subsequently, sustainability is at the heart of Repose Studios’ core values.


Waste not want not

“Only sustainable materials are considered then repurposed giving them a new home, away from landfill. All of our fabric is cut mindfully, reducing waste. Materials and inserts are mainly sourced from small UK businesses and individual sellers – thus reducing the carbon footprint. All  packaging is eco friendly and for every order placed a tree is planted. Our sustainable approach also means each item is limited edition.”


It wasn’t long before Repose Studio’s beautiful, hand made cushions piqued the interest of the press.


As seen in…

“House and Garden magazine contacted me first wanting to feature my products. Then Vogue, World of Interiors and the Sunday Times quickly followed. Lots of interest was created on the  back of that. Social media influencers also played a part in raising our brand profile. There’s more to come this year with House and Garden Magazine featuring us again in their April issue.”


What types of customer does Repose Studio attract?


Eclectic style

“Our patterns are not for everyone! Influenced by colour, texture, print and eclectic style. The fabrics are quite unique, narrative patterns with contrasting front and back. Think bright pink velvet matched with silk gingham or a gorgeous Japanese inspired print paired with lime green  chintz. Good quality, timeless pieces that are very niche which attract customers who want something that no-one else has. Sam Smith and Bel Powly are examples of two high profile customers.”


Out on tour

“It’s still early days for Repose Studio. Everything you see today has been done by myself. All the  products are handmade, the marketing sits with me from taking the photos to managing the online shop, website and social media. To fund the studio I have been working as band/tour manager’s assistant which takes me away for periods of time. My long term plan is to expand into other products like headboards then eventually create my own fabric range. But to do that I’ll need an extra pair of hands!”


Did you know that decorating with cushions is one of the easiest and most effective ways to transform a room? They also make great gifts! 

Get inspired: visit the Repose Studio website or Instagram

Repose Studio can be found at office 13, 2 Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park, Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley TS9 5QT. 

On the same floor as – St James Place Wealth Management, Forward Focus Consultancy and MAK Coaching – what an eclectic bunch of businesses in one building! 

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