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Accessibility Bathrooms


Accessibility Bathrooms are an independent bathroom company with over ten years’ experience within the mobility market.

Operations Director, Michael shares their story.


Challenging start

“Accessibility Bathrooms was established in 2019. Prior to that, Directors, Stephanie and Steve worked together at a previous company. That organisation was taken over and they decided it was time to go it alone. Starting a new business in the middle of a pandemic was a huge challenge but perseverance paid off. Accessibility Bathrooms now has a team of 7 full time members of staff and 20 subcontractors working Nationwide.”


Making bathing great again

“Essentially we make bathing easier for people. Adapting bathrooms for people with mobility or disability issues. This includes walk in showers, walk in baths, wet rooms, flooring, wall panels, accessories and furniture. One day we could be working with an occupational therapist to get a private property adapted, ready for a patient leaving hospital. Another will see us helping a care home improve its facilities for incoming patients.”


Best value products

“It’s not just about making bathing easier. We also aim to make it affordable. The products can be very expensive. For example, a bidet and toilet can be as much as £10k. We always look at alternatives in the market to find the customer the best value product. Recently, we supported a lady through the grant funding process. Without that support her disabled daughter might not have been able to get a bathroom suitable for her needs.”


Anyone who has experienced aging parents knows how stressful that time of life can be. Thankfully, the team at Accessibility Bathrooms are very experienced in this area.


Staying independent

“Dealing with a reduction in your mobility can be a difficult situation to manage. Therefore, we’re often working closely with family members alongside the customer. Research shows that staying at home is much more beneficial to you and helps you keep your independence longer. The cost of doing an adaptation to your house is a significantly smaller amount than the cost of going into a care home. Fees for one month in a care home can be the same price as a completed home adaptation.”


Fabulously stylish

“There can be others cost benefits too. Your property value could increase after an adaptation such as a wet room, that anyone could use. Long gone are the days of bathrooms looking clinical and institutionalised. Stunning design elements are available now, such as wall panels that look like marble. End results can be fabulously stylish!”


Now that’s what we like to hear! Let’s find out what brought Michael and the team to the business park.


Room to grow

“We started in one office on Stokesley business park. As we employed more people we needed more room but there were no other options available to us there. Staying in the area was important so we talked to Mark. He found us the perfect spot on the Terry Dicken Business Park. As soon as our sign went up, we were spotted locally and we gained a new client!”


True community

“It’s a great location with good facilities. We’ve got great neighbours who are very supportive and happy to give us help and advice. It’s a true community here. Just this morning I’ve had my tyres changed at Platinum Motors and Tyres and on the way back I popped into Home Fix Computers for some equipment. It’s so convenient here and its easy to support the local community.”


So what’s next for Accessibility Bathrooms?


Supporting more people

“In the next stage of our growth plan we’re looking to expand further into the care home sector and to tender for work in the council. Grants are available giving people the opportunity to apply for up to £30k to adapt their home. We’re looking at ways of accessing those so we can support more people.”


“If you’re thinking of adapting your home or have a relative considering a move to a care home, come and talk to us. Similarly, we welcome talking to any local businesses who are interested in working in partnership.”

Accessibility Bathrooms can be found at 4 Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park, Ellerbeck Way, Stokesley, TS9 5QT

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