Terry Dicken Business Park Feature Friday

Auto Bodycraft


Auto Bodycraft are a car body repair garage and car restoration specialists.

Owned and run by Alex Atkin, an industry veteran with over 40 years experience in the trade. Let’s hear how he got started.


A little help from Dad

“At 15 years old I left school and quickly needed to find a job. My Dad had always worked on cars and he helped me get a foot in the door. Subsequently, Redcar Auto Refinishers offered me a position and I undertook a 4 year apprenticeship with them. On completion, it was clear that I had well and truly got the bug! By the time I reached 21, I’d started my own business and have been a business owner since.”


Superior service

“We now have one full time and 2 part time member of staff who offer a second to none service. This is backed up with skill, experience and a passion for their work. We do general car body work repairs, cover all types off insurance work and take on full nuts and bolts car restoration projects.”


Total transformation

“Car restoration has been my specialism for over 40 years. My favourite type of work includes projects where, in the beginning, the car looks like it’s come straight from the scrapyard. We’ve worked on a few E-Type Jaguars that started that way. The car gets all new leather, a new engine and brand new wiring. It can take up to 2 years to fully complete this type of job. But the end result is fantastic. Literally taking a rusty derelict and transforming it into a shining example of an iconic sports car. At the same time, we work for every insurance company out there. It’s common to see us repairing daily scratches and dinks.”


This is where I admit to accidentally parking my husbands car in our neighbours front hedge ? Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t too impressed with the new 8 inch scratch. Thankfully, Alex and the team made it look like new (and got me out of the bad books!)

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way of preventing that kind of thing happening ?…


Prevention and cure

“As well as general bodywork repairs, we also offer coatings that can protect both the exterior and interiors of your vehicle. For example;

Ceramic coating
Ceramic coating is a new skin protection which covers the whole car. A transparent seal which protects the car from all weather conditions and can prevent scratches. Pricing ranges from £400 – £3,500k.

Silver Seal
Silver seal is a protection for the interior of your car. Similar to using scotch guard on your sofa. This second skin protects your cars paintwork and gives long lasting protection to the upholstery. Only available through authorised Silver Seal centres, like ourselves.

Wax oyling
Cure or prevent rust on your vehicle. This treatment is available for cars, vans and 4×4’s. Comes with a 3-5 year guarantee.”


So now you know who to call when you need help with your car’s bodywork! Let’s wrap today up by hearing what Alex thinks about being a tenant on the business park.


Upmarket business estate

“Without a doubt, I would 100% recommend the Terry Dicken Business Park. I’d even go as far as describing it as an upmarket business estate. Attracting great clientele in an affluent area that creates good business opportunities. We’ve been here about 18 years. Initially we started in unit 10. We grew and moved to units 4&5. Needing more space, we also took unit 6. After a while we no longer needed the extra space so gave that unit up. The flexibility here is great, the landlords are very good at accommodating your needs. We would never move from here, ever.”


Blimey, if that doesn’t encourage you to consider moving your business here, I’m not sure anything will!

If you need any type of bodywork repair or insurance work completing then Auto Bodycraft can be found at Unit 4/5 Terry Dicken Industrial Estate, Station Road, Stokesley TS9 7AE. They’re right near Lucky’s Play Barn and Spirit of Captain Cook.

Visit their website or call 01642 715894 for more details

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