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Pro_cess (NE) LTD


Pro_cess (NE) LTD offer consulting and design services for the construction industry. Using modern methods of construction, they specialise in light gauge steel (DfMA).

I met owner Nigel and his friendly team at their smart new office in Roseberry Court. This one was a bit of a learning curve for me so let’s start with explaining what DfMA actually means!

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) is a way of designing and constructing a building or product more quickly, efficiently and sustainably. By using a DfMA approach, elements of a building are created in a manufacturing environment rather than on site; to more standard designs and specifications.


Let’s hear all about it from Nigel.


Modern man

“My background is in high volume manufacturing, across different industries. For the last 22 of my 40 years of experience, I’ve been involved in modern methods of construction. Wanting more freedom, I started Pro_cess (NE) LTD in June 2021. Initially starting as a consultancy, we’re now working on both design and engineering for modern methods of construction.”


Industry demands

“Pro_cess (NE) LTD stands for ‘Professional Collaborative Efficient Supply-chain Solutions’. Unfortunately the construction industry has lost many of its traditional site skills over the last few years and now is unable to meet demand. There has been a huge cultural shift away from manual labour. People are more protective of their work/life balance.  So we have to adapt the way we manufacture to support that need to be off-site more. Using light gauge steel is a way to meet these challenges as it reduces site labour requirement.”


Speed, safety and sustainability

“Our aim is to take work off site and de-skill it, whilst maintaining quality and speed. This modern method of construction helps with sustainability. There’s less material on site, what is there weighs a lot less and is more recyclable. Fewer deliveries means less emissions produced. Working with us means better value for the client as we also look at the processes involved in a build. This could be integrating modern methods of construction into a traditional build. Or making introductions to people that will help create the most value for a project.”


Breadth of experience 

“We have a wide breadth of design experience, from small garden rooms all the way up to 30 story buildings. We’re currently working on a large residential project of semi-detached and terraced houses in the Leeds/Bradford area. Whilst also working on the new extension at Anfield (Liverpool’s Football Ground). Working closely with manufacturers means we are best placed to consult on both the work and culture of a project, often linking clients with more appropriate supply chain partners as well as improving efficiency in factory set up. Our clients are manufacturers, property developers, contractors and construction companies.”


Better customer experience

“Our aim is for clients to go away feeling that they’ve had a good experience with us; we impart our knowledge and experience freely. We’ll assist them in looking at the most efficient route. By identifying any potential challenges up front, we’re hopefully seen as a member of the team, supporting their growth.”


So what brought Nigel and his team to the Terry Dicken Business Park?


Perfect location

“Initially, I was working from home in Great Broughton. Crystal joined as a Director at the start of this year overseeing design and engineering. Closely followed by our designer Connor in September, the kitchen table was no longer fit for purpose! Seriously though, we exceeded our first year projection and thanks to the hard work of the team we’re on track to do even better this year. Our growth plans determined that we needed a suitable location to bring clients and house our growing team. With the Terry Dicken Business Park the location was perfect. The office spaces are really nice and the rents are competitive.”


Join the team

Process NE Ltd are recruiting for another designer. This person needs to have a willingness to learn, be able to apply themselves, and ideally have experience in 3D modelling for light gauge steel manufacturing. This could be an ideal role for a graduate however full training can be provided.

Is this you? Then email Nigel at nigel@processneltd.co.uk or via Linked-in


Pro_cess (NE) LTD can be found at Office 1, 2 Roseberry Court, Terry Dicken Business Park, Ellerbeck Way, Stokelsey, TS9 5QT

Or find out more about them on the Light Steel Frame Association website

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